Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Color Me Happy On a Budget!

It’s one of my favorite times of the year Spring and we all know that this year color is in! Everywhere I turn I see bold beautiful colors in window displays that instantly brighten up my mood. Since I work at a boutique I get to see beautiful clothing all day. Nothing lifts my spirits more than seeing cute new colorful shipments come in! Even though I try to shop for colorful clothing as often as possible my closet never seems to have enough color in it. Most likely because over the winter I seemed to acquire tons of neutral clothing in my closet, it’s a bad habit that I can’t escape. So lately I have been trying to add a lot of color and summery pieces to my wardrobe! A method that has seemed to really work for me and my shopping addiction is that I get to buy one colorful Shirt/top a week! I give myself a fifty dollar limit that way I don’t break the bank! If you choose to do this I recommend that you stay within your budget because the whole point of it is to treat yourself without having to break the bank. I personally love this idea because it gives you something to look forward to whether it’s every week or once a month. Choose something that works for you and satisfies your need to shop! (: Sometimes if I’m lucky and I can fit two shirts within my fifty dollar shirt limit which makes me extra happy! I know some of you must be thinking I can buy five shirts with fifty dollars. I’m sure if I went to a mall and shopped for sale I would be able to also but since I live in a small town and the closest mall is forty-five minutes away that’s not really possible around here. Plus I love to shop at the boutique I work at. My boss always finds the cutest stuff and I love to support the store. I already have this week’s colorful addition to my closet picked out and will be purchasing it Thursday! It’s a red/ orange summer crochet sweater! I have been wanting one for a while and found one at the boutique! I don’t think we have a picture up on the website but it’s very similar to this one , just looser

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A little bit of baseball and a lot of shopping

     It is officially almost the end of Memorial Day Weekend. Did you guys do anything fun?! My weekend has been pretty busy. We had a couple events to attend and my favorite uncle and cousins came to town which definitely made my day yesterday! Tomorrow, my husband and I are going to take his parents to the Twins game. To be honest I’m not really interested in the game but it is always a fun experience when your there with family. My husband on the other hand has been counting down the days till the game, since we purchased the tickets. The Twins stadium is pretty new and we haven’t gone inside of it yet, so I’m sure he will be like a little kid in a candy store. I’m planning on wearing some red cropped  KUT shorts, A Lace & cotton BKE top, Silver sandals and of course a baseball cap!  Hopefully we will get to do some shopping. I really have been trying to add more color to my closet, so tomorrow neutrals are off limits. Unless it has color I will not being buying it. I really need to focus on summer pieces like tanks, shorts and dresses. I know that there are a lot of sales going on including J. Crew, which makes me super pumped! I have been noticing that they have some of the cutest colored shorts in a few different lengths & let’s just say I'm not a size 4. Plus I have a super curvy figure so the fact that they offer cute mid-length colored shorts means I will not be leaving the mall without owning a pair.