Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A Fabulous Guest Blogger!!!

Hi Loves! 

My name is McKenna Blue, I have a personal style blog you can check out Here!
I was so excited when Miss Kiki asked me to do a guest post on Spring Fashions for this season. 
I don't know about you but I am SO ready for Spring to be here. I put together a few items I think are good staple pieces to have for a Spring ready look. These pieces are so versatile and can be restyled many ways, this is important to remember while shopping.
 I am a girl of color, luckily Spring is all about color!! Emerald is a very "must have color" for the season. 
Mixing color is aN easy way to make a statement with any outfit. Turquoise & royal blue are by far my favorite color combinations. What Spring items are you currently craving?? 
Thanks so much for reading and I hope you get a chance to pop over to my blog! to say HI! 

McKenna Blue

1. Kate Spade bow earrings / 2. Nars Roman Holiday / 3. Lulu's dress /4. Forever 21 skirt / 5. J.Crew Sweater / 6. Target top / 7. J.Crew top / 8. ASOSbag / 9. Forever 21 top / 10. Lulu's shoes

I hope you enjoyed her as much as i always do! If you havent already check out her blog. If your a Fashion Junkie like me you are bound to love it! 

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Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update!

Hey guys!!!   
What have Yall been up too! I Feel like I haven’t really updated my life in a while! So I am going to do a Weekend/Past two weeks Update through pictures!! Perfectly simple & I hope you enjoy!!!

Just Bought This last night!! IT was on sale not to mention that it is freezing in Minnesota!!

Yesturdays Outfit of the day!! Got the top for 6 dollars!!

Got this shirt for Six bucks too!! 

My Cutie Paputieee!!

My Nieces Birthday was on thursday!! She is a little brat but she can be so funny!!

I have been addicted to chicken fajitas!!

Love my new Dish soap From Influenster!!! IT works Great!!

Yup!! I just love her!!

The Hubby came home for the weekend IT was so nice to have him home!!

Have a great week & Stay FABULOUS!!!! 

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Little Surprise!!

Hey guys!!

 today you’re in for a treat! Emily from the blog The Sweetest Thing is here to share on how she makes her wardrobe go a long way!! If you already read her blog you know how she already looks great all the time by using some of her main staple pieces. 

Hi Everyone!
I am Emily, author of The Sweetest Thing Blog. Here’s a little about me: I’m a 25 year old newlywed from Arkansas. My husband, John, is in his third year of medical school. He’s from Columbus, OH. (We met in college!) After the complete of my MBA, I moved to Virginia to be with John as he was following his dream of becoming a physician. Insert blogging. Living away from home and picking up and moving wasn’t easy so blogging became not only an outlet, but a hobby. Now, insert, Kiki. I’ve made some wonderful friends via The Sweetest Thing blog.

Kiki graciously invited me over to share with you all how I make the most of my closet…
I did a post a few weeks ago called “Let’s Talk Finance”… this post was composed of what I consider as “Investment Pieces”.
When I say investment, I am referring to spending money on a product that you will wear to death! I am a firm believer in wearing the same article over and over and over.
Two reasons for this:
1. The Medical School Budget
2. There are too many people in this world that don’t have food/shelter/clothing so why should I own a bunch of "stuff" that isn’t being used.

Making the Most Out Of Your Closet
1.      Layer.
Some may think of “layering” as a trend, but, I see it as a staple. My favorite way to make a plain outfit a little more unique is to add a layer.
2.      Splurge on pieces that can be worn year round.
Buy quality pieces that can be worn year round. It’s easy to find cutesy summer dresses cheap – so budget your wardrobe.
3.      Think outside of the box.
Have fun and be creative. Matchy-matchy isn’t a rule anymore. Mix prints.

1.      In the first photo I am wearing a spring/summer dress… but put a long sleeve button down underneath.
2.      The second photo is from NYE… I used an old Old Navy sequin tank top that I wear year round – and put a blouse I found at Goodwill underneath it to dress it up and winter-fy it!
3.      In the third photo, I am wearing a chambray dress (chambray matches everything!) with a gingham button down beneath.
I hope this inspires you and helps you think differently about you "old" clothing. I have a faux fur vest and a plaid shirt that I seriously wear weekly. I always pair something different so that no one ever notices that I wear the same thing over and over.

Come visit The Sweetest Thing sometime!

 She’s great right?! If you don’t already follow her I suggest that you do! Her blog might just be my favorite! I look forward to reading her posts. I even got my co-worker hooked on it.

I hope you guys have a fabulous day! 

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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Print Paradise

Hey Guys!

I’m back for day two of spring fling and today we are going to be talking about print/pattern. This year print and pattern are going to be everywhere you turn. It’s been the main theme of many of the runway/collections for spring 2013. The pattern that I have been spotting the most out there is floral but I have also spotted a lot of ornamental, graphic, Asian-inspired prints, and stripes. We will be seeing printed pants, shorts, blazers, shirts, and dresses. You name it and they will most likely have it in print!
As we start to get some printed items at the boutique I have noticed many women saying “I already wore this once in my lifetime I can’t wear it twice.” I think that printed items can defiantly be super age appropriate for all ages. If you don’t think you can personally pull of a mix print look (I’ll be talking about this later this week). Look for a cute printed blouse or skirt. There are many ways you can stay trendy without being over the top.

If you do want to stay trendy for spring and summer 2013, I would definitely purchase some printed pieces. Although it will probably be hard NOT to buy something printed this spring and summer since they will be everywhere. Some pieces I am definitely going to be purchasing are printed pants, blouses, scarfs and dresses. If you are like me and don’t like wasting tons of money on pieces that you don’t know how much you will wear; I suggest looking for these pieces at stores such as forever 21, H&M, Target and Love culture. I will probably either be buying many of my spring trends at boutiques, forever 21 or target!

So in love with this!!!

Love the color Combo!!! 

Do you guys plan on rocking the print trend this spring? If so is there anything you will for sure be buying?

Stay tuned for a how-to on mixing prints and  

As Always Stay Fabulous!!!

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Spring Fling; Color Sensation!

Hey guys!!

Today is the start of spring fling and boy am I excited! Spring is one of my favorite seasons of the year.­­ I just love the idea of cute dresses, pretty colors, and crisp spring nights. Today’s spring trend of the day is spring colors!

This spring we are going to see colors that are brighter than ever. I've spotted many fierce reds; not so mellow yellows; gorgeous purples; and many different shades of green. I have also been spotting many beautiful sherbet pastels; cobalt and navy blues; Citron (a cool shade of green); Icey tones. Many of the high end runways such as Micheal Kors,Oscar De la Renta and Diane von Furstenberg showed a black and white combination trend.

To my prediction I think that coral, tangerine and mint are going to be even bigger this spring. Which I am happy about because I love these three colors!! I have already gone out and bought some new spring items in these shades and I can’t wait to wear them.

This spring’s two biggest color trends are going to be
1.)    Being light and feminine with color. That means using light colors such as pastels. It also has to do with the print trend that I will address later on.
2.)    Being bold with color such as bright oranges, gorgeous greens and bold pinks. 

Down Below are some example of this springs biggest color trends!

Im in love this this Blu Pepper Blouse

What are your favorite colors to rock in the spring time time? Stay tuned for the rest of the month for special discounts, guest post, and more about this spring hottest trends. 
Until Next Time!! 

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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Wait Till You See Whats In Store

Hey There Pretty ladies!!

How’s your weekend going so far? Mine is going great! At the boutique we are already starting to get in our spring stuff and boy am I ready for spring and summer to get here. I have definitely had enough of winter and I am so ready to start wearing cute summer pieces!  Any who just doing a quick post just to let you know that I am going to be doing a spring fling for the rest of the month! What it is going to consist of is…

1.)    What the big trends are going to be for spring 2013
2.)    Some of my favorite boutiques
3.)    My favorite pieces that I can live without in spring
4.)    A couple guest post!!

I am getting excited for it and can’t wait for it! I am loving most of the spring/summer trends so I can’t wait to share them with you!! It will start on Wednesday the 9th of January and go until the end of the month!!

I hope you guys all have a fabulous day!!! 

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Fun!!

Hey lovelies!!  

How was your holiday season? Mine was amazing. Even though I didn’t have my entire family with me, I made the best of it and had a blast! I was super happy that my husband got to come home and spend five days with us!! I was so blessed with holiday season!!! Here are some of the pictures we took during this holiday season! Just warming you this is a PHOTO DUMPP!!! 

Our Christmas Picture ( sorry my hubby didnt get a haircut until the day after) 

New Years Eve !! 

Days Throughout the Week

My First day back with my hubby after church!!

If you guys haven’t tried tango, I suggest you do! It’s so much better than Skype. It lets you play games with one another while video chatting. That way you guys can have fun while chatting. My nephews and nieces love using it to chat here daddy. Since both my hubby and brother in law are out of state together working, we always find ourselves using this lately!! This has been a life saver; it helps me not be so sad about the fact that my hubby is six hours away.

Best of wishes in the New Year 2013!!

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