Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Holiday Fun!!

Hey lovelies!!  

How was your holiday season? Mine was amazing. Even though I didn’t have my entire family with me, I made the best of it and had a blast! I was super happy that my husband got to come home and spend five days with us!! I was so blessed with holiday season!!! Here are some of the pictures we took during this holiday season! Just warming you this is a PHOTO DUMPP!!! 

Our Christmas Picture ( sorry my hubby didnt get a haircut until the day after) 

New Years Eve !! 

Days Throughout the Week

My First day back with my hubby after church!!

If you guys haven’t tried tango, I suggest you do! It’s so much better than Skype. It lets you play games with one another while video chatting. That way you guys can have fun while chatting. My nephews and nieces love using it to chat here daddy. Since both my hubby and brother in law are out of state together working, we always find ourselves using this lately!! This has been a life saver; it helps me not be so sad about the fact that my hubby is six hours away.

Best of wishes in the New Year 2013!!

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  1. You look Gorgeous as always! Happy New Year to you:)

  2. looks like a wonderful holiday!
    I might have to try tango now!

  3. Very cool, I'll look into Tango! You can also do funny things in google +, you can put funny hats on yourself and stuff!

  4. Looks like such a great time! I love all the pictures! You are gorgeous!

  5. Ah you look so pretty going to church and all the other pictures!

  6. Love your pictures girl! Looks like you had an awesome holiday season! Love your NYE and Christmas looks :) I will have to try that app---it sounds awesome!!!


  7. Hi Kiki! Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting on my blog. I wanted to come visit yours. It looks like you all had such a fun holiday together. Love all the smiles! :)


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