Wednesday, September 18, 2013


I have a confession to make…
I’m addicted to handbags!
Any chance I get to buy a new purse I do. So when I heard that Phillip Lim was coming to target you can bet your pretty face that I was all over it!  Luckily since I live in the middle of know where Minnesota I was able to score the bag I wanted and pick up a few others for some ladies on instagram! 

Here is what I picked up at target. Don’t mind the two bath and body works candles (they were on sale so I couldn’t not buy some).

I honestly loved all of his bags that he had at our target. They were all fabulous! I could of bought them all but due to my limited space in my wardrobe I only bought one. The only downside is the pieces of clothing that I wanted weren’t at our target. I really wanted these two pieces.

They are so fabulous but hey better luck to me next time! I just feel lucky that I got to get one handbag and help out some other ladies as well!

What do you guys think of his collection for target? Was it a total hit or a horrible miss?
Are there any pieces that you are swooning over?

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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Im Backkkkkk!

Hey there my lovelies!
I’m Backkkkk! 
I know it has been like 589796465 days since I blogged last and I am so sorry! My life has been crazy busy! Not to mention that they are trying to get my thyroid under control and the changing of doses of my meds has me super sluggish! Any spare time I have I spend sleeping. But don’t get me wrong I am SUPER happy to be back with you guys!  I missed the blogger world more than you guys know! Luckily I went on instagram all the time to creep on all of you!
So much has gone on in the past two months so I think the only way I can truly update you all without boring you to death is with a good ol fashion phone dump!
Are you ready…Here we go! 

My favorite dress at the moment!! The back is the best!! 

Im officially a red head! 

The hubbers and i visited the Minnesota State Fair and i gained 50 pounds because the food was so good! 

 We Went to the Sea Life Aquarium 

Have hung out with some great friends! 

Enjoyed some yummy foods

And have spent some time with this little princess!! 

What have you guys been up too? 

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