Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Birthday Wish list

I can’t believe that I am turning 24 this month. How does time fly by so fast? I still remember being little and celebrating my birthday with my parents now I am celebrating my birthday as a parent!  Here are some of the things I have been lusting for this summer! 

Birthday Wish list

Favorites Under Fifty!

We all have our absolute favorites! The things we always seem to use and never get tired of. Here are a couple of my favorite latest obsessions!

Seriously this eye pallet is the holy grain! I have all the naked pallets but this is still my favorite eye pallet. Its soo pretty and feminine! It’s a must have in every girls makeup collection! Trust me you will love it!

Ok this top is perfection! Right now its even on sale for a little under fifty dollars. Every time I wear this blouse I feel fabulous. The quality of the shirt it wonderful! I think it’s the perfect mix of classy with some sass! Every time I wear it I feel fab!

Ok confession I just ordered this bra today but I am super excited to get it! I know its sports bra but I plan on using it as a fun bralette under v-necks. I love that it has support because my problem with most bralettes is that this girl is a 34DDD and there is no way most bralettes can support my chest! I will keep you posted on how great it truly is!

If its off the shoulder I NEED IT!  I might have a overpowering obsession with off the shoulder tops! Seriously its bad but who can blame a girl! They are fabulous! In my opinion they look great on me with my short hair! Christa landmark boutique just got this one in and its amazing! The Floral and lightweight material are wonderful! 

All I need to say about this highlight is that its sheer perfection! 

This candle is a delight! It smells heavenly and the vase it is in is gorgeous. It’s so pretty when it’s lit up. Even my husband loves it, which is always a plus! I Bought mine at noble women boutique in marshall mn but anthro sells them online!

Let me know if you end up purchasing any of these great items! I promise they will not disappoint!

Have a great day! 

Monday, May 16, 2016


For the past month I have had blogging on my mind! I used to love to do it but something inside of me used to feel that it had obligations! I used to tell myself that I needed to post a certain amount of posts a week or that if I didn’t have a ton of followers I wasn’t going to be success­­ful. Now I look back at it and think why did I make it so hard? This is my space where I share my life. No one minds If I only post once a month.

You could say I’m back because I miss having a space of my own. A space where I can post my latest ideas, fashion inspirations and how my life is going.  Now a days nothing is really mine anymore. Being a mom to a toddler means you share. You share your food, your baths, even your hair products and I’m totally ok with it. Before we had ben we hoped but even more than that we prayed. That one day we would be able to hold a sweet baby in our arms that would be ours. After multiple miscarriages I really learned to cherish every little moment because life can be so fragile. As I watch Benjamin learn and grow every day I am ever so thankful to god for granting us the opportunity to be his parents. He’s everything I could of hoped for.

That being said I am excited to be blogging again.

& to share my life with you!