Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Being Glamorous, For Less!

Lauren Conrad, Kate Middleton, and of course the Kardashian’s, oh the things I would do to be able to have a closet exactly like theirs. They are all lucky enough to be able to fork over the big bucks to live an amazing glamorous life, sadly I can’t. I’m also guessing most of you reading my blog don’t have millions of dollars to do so either. For me, glamour doesn’t mean you have to have tons of money or fame. To me glamour is all about the attitude, allure, and mind set in which you carry yourself. Being and living a glamorous life doesn’t have to be ridiculously expensive. Neither my husband nor I make millions of dollars a year at work, but I like to think that I live a pretty nice life. I live in a small country town and the closest mall is an hour and a half away but that doesn’t stop me from being up to date on all the latest trends! I am definitely not lucky enough to be invited to charity dinners or fashion shows but I always find simple ways to rock my wardrobe whether it be at weddings, birthday parties or even dinner. I'd rather be over dressed then be underdressed. There are tons of ways to be able to enjoy the nice things in life without having to spend a fortune. Here are some of my secrets to doing so!

Name brands for less
You can’t be glamorous without having great style! It’s that simple, but being stylish doesn’t mean you have to spend of fortune. I won’t lie, I’m a big sucker for Michael Kors and yes sometimes I blow four hundred dollars on a hand bag, but that’s not every month. When I want designer brands I go to T.J Maxx, you can find all kinds of big names like True religion, Coach, Michael Kors, Uggs, Seven Jeans and more all for reasonable prices. If I’m online shopping I always look for sites that offer designer brands at low prices such as Hautelook, Gilt, and Rue La La.   Don’t ever under estimate Target! They always feature fun designers for a low cost, so always be on the lookout. I’m a huge H&M Junkie! You can find everything and anything there for great prices. They have everything from work attire to swim suits, not to mention they have featured designers such as Versace.

I always try to do my best to either shop for sales or at stores that offer high end looks with inexpensive prices such as H&M. Since I don’t have a mall nearby I mostly either shop at the boutique I work at or online. I have to admit I’m a sale fanatic (sometimes I go overboard), I have an email dedicated just to stores I like to shop at online. I always give my email to the stores I shop at most often, that way I’m always updated on promotions and sales.  There are always sales going on, you just have to be on the lookout!

What girl doesn’t love being pampered with a day at the spa? Nowadays, a day at the spa can cost anywhere from a hundred dollars and up. A way to be able to have a spa day without having to spend in the three figure price range is look for promotions.  Many spas offer packages or promotions so before going to a spa check their website or call ahead to see what promotions they have going on.  Are there any new spas in your area opening up? When spas and even beauty salons open up they usually have amazing deals going on, in order to promote their new business. Just last month a new spa in the area opened up and had a great promotions going on. I got a spa package for four different visits to the spa it valued at four hundred and eighty nine dollars, I only paid forty nine for it.

Want to spend time with your girls? Invite some friends over for spa themed girls night.  You can always Google recipes for facials and hair treatments.

Makeup, Hair & Nails                                                                                            
Have you ever walked into Target and seen someone in sweats and thought, wow they look great even in sweats. Most likely that was because that person takes great care of themselves. One of the cheapest ways to always stay glamorous is take care of your face, hair, and nails. First, let me start by saying even if you don’t want to be glamorous you should always take care of yourself and your body.
MAKEUP- You can have a flawless face without having to buy your makeup at Sephora or the department stores. First, always wear a moisturizer on your face with at least SPF 15. If you don’t already do so, make it part of your daily routine. You should always protect your skin, unless you want tons of wrinkles when you get older. Buy a good primer. If you haven’t experimented with primers I suggest that you do! It’s a simple way to get your makeup to stay on for a long time and it makes the true colors come out of your makeup! A simple trick to staying glamorous is wear lipstick, it can transform any look from blah to oh la la. Also try to find dupes for expensive makeup; I suggest going on Google or YouTube and searching makeup dupes. Here is a great link that shows you dupes for high end blushes . Stock up on samples, it’s an easy way to try new products without having to spend money. Last, but not least you can become a Glammie for ten dollars a month.

HAIR- Always try to keep your hair as healthy as possible! Instead of going to the salon to get deep conditioning treatments, I would recommend using a hair mask at least every other week. You can buy them at Target, Wal-Mart, or any place that sells beauty products, they will cost you anywhere from $5-$25!  They help with damaged hair, split ends, and add vitamins to your hair. If you have colored hair get the kind for color treated hair. Try going on websites such as groupon they often offer color packages for cheaper than the salon price. Everyone loves a good blow-out, instead of going to the salon every week, go online to master the art of DIY Blowout.  Always try to keep your hair groomed and in place, there is nothing beautiful about a messy head of hair. I won’t lie I have curly hair and I’m guilty of rocking a bun on the top of my head, but I am trying to get better at it. For the hair that’s not on your head always try to keep that under control. There is nothing glamorous about having hairy legs or armpits. Try to keep your eyebrows under control. Don’t have any extra money to get them waxed? Go on YouTube and find great tips for tweezing your own eyebrows.

NAILS- I think a part of being glamorous is always trying to have your nails done! Getting a Mani-Pedi every other week can become pricey. So why not master the basics on your own and save a ton of money! Google how to give a Mani-Pedi, then go for it. Want to step it up a notch, go on Pinterst and find super cute ways to design them.

Easy Glamour!
Glamour doesn’t have to be hard. There are items that we all own that can make any outfit look glamorous. Items such as scarfs, glasses, heels, and jewelry are a must have in every woman’s closet. Sometimes all it takes is a simple scarf to make an outfit look trendy. Pearls are a classic, when it comes to sophistication. Always make sure that you are wearing clothes that flatter your figure. Don’t wear clothes that are either too small or way to big. Heels can transform an outfit, not to mention that they make us feel and look so much sexier.  Wear sexy lingerie, glamour starts with what you choose to wear under all your attire. Wearing something lacy makes me feel a so much more sexy, which impacts what mood im in for the day! Always make sure to look well put together. Most of all have fun, what’s the point of being glamorous if you can’t enjoy it!

My question of the day for you! What are simple ways that you make your life and look a little more glamorous?! Never forgot if you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below! 


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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rock your Colored Jeans!

Hello again my Lovely’s!

Friday I did a Blog post about summer trends, and I hope you guys enjoyed it! I have had a lot of women lately say you look good in your colored jeans, too bad I can’t wear them. Right away in my head when I hear that I think to myself yes you can! If me, a curvy size 14 can pull them off then you defiantly can. The first thing I do before buying something I’m not sure about, I motivate myself. If I go into a store thinking these are going to look horrible, then most likely they will because I already had a negative attitude before I walked into the store. Never doubt yourself, no matter your size you are, what your figure looks like and how you look! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL and I repeat EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL! But I also know that not everyone can pull off the same trends. For example, I love the pleated look, and I wish I could wear a pleated skirt or even a pleated dress but that’s never going to happen. They make me look like a big fat PUMPKIN, so I definitely understand the fact that sometimes your figure just can’t pull of some looks. But when it comes to colored jeans I think 99% of people can pull them off. I mean if you can wear the average pair of jeans you can find at a store, then you can mostly likely wear colored jeans! Whether there skinnies, boot cut, flares, capris, shorts or whatever other kinds of jeans there are find a fit that flatters your figure the best and then look for that style of jeans in color! I always look online first to see what stores offer the kind of jeans I’m looking for, that way I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the mall. For example, Google "Boot cut colored jean in size 14" or if you know the color you want type that in, coral skinnies in size 14. After I know that information I just go to my nearest mall to try on the jeans I liked online. The first thing I do when I go into the store and I see a pair of colored bottoms that I like, right away I go look for a top I can pair  them with. Even if I have no intention of buying the top, I still find a top that I think would look good with a pair of colored bottoms, especially with the ones I’m going to try on. I do this because a lot of times when I go to a store, unless I’m already wearing colored bottoms, the top I’m wearing most likely won’t look good with the bottoms I’m about going to try on. So if I pick out a top that will look good with the pair of jeans I can truly see how it would actually look in the dressing room! I don’t know about you but if something looks bad in a dressing room I’m not buying it, and I’m sure that’s the case for most people. For first time colored jean buyers I would recommend picking out a top that is in a neutral color that way you can focus on the color and fit of the jeans, instead of looking at how the top your wearing doesn’t match the jeans you have on. Also remember just because a shirt is in a neutral color doesn’t mean it can’t be fun; you can always go for something lacey, a top with cutouts or even something with glitter. Basically go as daring as you want just don’t pick out a crazy outfit that u wouldn't be comfortable wearing in public.

Once you found the pair of colored jeans, shorts or capris you like there are so many ways you can style them! Something I like to do that is simple, cute and super easy to put together is a simple striped shirt (I like long sleeve) with my colored jeans. I think it’s a very classic look and if you want to make it a little cuter you can always add a fun statement necklace or a cute blazer to spice it up. Another idea is just to get a simple plain shirt in white or a color of your choosing, then take a cute scarf that has the same color of your pants in it and wrap it around your neck. If you want to be a little daring you can color block by using a different color scarf. When I color block I like using complementary colors (across from each other in the color wheel) like blue and yellow. Something that I have actually been meaning to buy for a while is a jean shirt. I think jean shirts and colored jeans look so cute together, especially with fun accessories. For all of you animal print lovers, I love rocking cheetah print with coral skinnies! I have worn this before and what I did was I wore a loose cheetah top, and tucked the front into my coral skinnies. For accessories I did a brown braided belt (similar) , light brown fergielicious Wedges  , light brown earrings and a Michael Kors Hamilton satchel in peanut. There are so many ways to style colored jeans the list goes on and on. These are just some simple ways to style colored jeans for colored jeans newbies!

If you guys have any questions on how to style colored jeans or a certain color of jeans feel free comment or email me! I love answering questions when you guys email me! Also I hope this helped those who were iffy about colored jeans. Don’t be scared to take risk when it comes to color we have all had to take them, but once you take them you will be so glad you did! I hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend!


The first two outfits (the green and blue colored pants) where all styled from clothes found at the boutique I work at. If you have any questions about the store of where you can purchase these pieces you can find all the information here.

Green crop skinnies

Blue Skinnies

These following images are just some ways i have styled my colored pants in the past!

turquoise skinnies
Coral skinnies
(sorry my eyes look weird)


Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Love

Hey there my lovely’s!

Summer, In my opinion, is the best time of the year. You get to hang out with your friends, wear cute outfits, go to the beach, ride bike, have bonfires, and of course if you’re single it’s the perfect time to have a little summer fling! My favorite summer activity is spending time at the lake, whether its tanning, boating, or swimming I enjoy every second of it. I feel like summer is the time that you get to be whoever you want to be, you get to discover who you are and what you love about yourself. You get to wear whatever you want and look cute! Since I live in Minnesota our winters are freezing and my winter wardrobe mostly consist of jeans, boots and chunky sweaters!  Not that you can’t make that cute but I'd rather wear a pretty sun dress with wedges than jeans, Uggs, and a Northface. I definitely adore summer and all the fashion choices that come with it. I feel that so far this summer we have had way more cute trends compared to past summers. I love high-low anything, maxi dresses, high wasted shorts, chiffon blouses, bright colored jeans and tops, jean vests with studs and of course any statement jewelry.  I really like the fact that’s it totally acceptable to mix all the summer trends together and still look totally cute! For example, I love the look of a high low chiffon top, with some studded high waisted shorts. I think an outfit like that gives a great balance of feminine and edgy without over doing any of the pieces and they blend very well together!  I also love paring up colored denim with statement jewelry! It’s so easy to dress up or down and still be comfortable. I definitely love the idea that you don’t have to sacrifice cuteness for comfortability, especially in the summer! This morning I was really tired and after my workout I had to get dressed quickly and make it to work. So I ended up wearing some minty blue skinnies, with a simple stripped top a statement necklace and some flats!  It was super easy to put together and it’s super comfy! Not to mention it was very inexpensive and makes a cute summer outfit.  Another summer trend that I love and has actually been around for a while now are maxi dresses but this summer they seem cuter then ever! I’m especially loving the chiffon maxi dresses and skirts that are see-through, pleated, and have the little slip under them. I think they are the perfect mix of sexy and sophisticated.  I haven’t purchased one yet but I am definitely going to get on that. Also, I think it’s important to purchase all your summer must haves without breaking the bank just because something may be huge this summer doesn’t mean that it will be next summer! For a lot of my summer pieces I go to forever 21 , H&M, and Urban Outfitters. You don’t have to break the bank. It doesn’t matter to me if I only get to wear my colored jeans or high waisted shorts for only one summer because I only ended up paying around $20.00 for them!  So if you’re looking for trends that you know might not stay around for too long I definitely recommend shopping at those stores.

What are you summer must haves? Are there any trends that you are especially loving this summer?! I would love to know about them, and how you like wearing them. I could always use ideas on how to style pieces and make my wardrobe go a long way! I hope you guys are enjoying your summer so far

Yesturday's Outfit of the Day
Yes This picture is from Instagram!
Summer Trends

Warehouse shift dress
£55 -

Mango maxi dress
£30 -

Rare London body con dress
£42 -

Haute Hippie empire dress
£399 -

Sleeveless dress
£49 -

Oasis sleeveless dress
$145 -

Oversized top
$68 -

V neck top
$59 -

Wal G blouse
£27 -

Sophie Theallet crinkle shirt
$535 -

H M lace tank
£15 -

Jean shorts
$50 -

High waisted shorts
$65 -

Burberry pencil skirt
$609 -

Miss Sixty distressed jeans
$156 -

Long skirt
$34 -

Rag & bone mint pants
$187 -

Leather shoes
$56 -

Steve Madden leather sandals
$60 -

Tory Burch flat sandals
$202 -

Flat shoes
$90 -

Zara heel sandals
$50 -

MABEL fringe bag
$150 -

J Crew 18k jewelry
$150 -

Kendra Scott 14k jewelry
$195 -

Fedora hat
$16 -

Wet Seal fedora hat
$11 -

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm Officially a Glammie

Hey guys!
First off it’s my birthday today and I’m writing this at midnight because I want to be able to enjoy all of day today. So sorry if some of it doesn’t make sense or I seem to be rambling. I’m really sleepy but I wanted to do a quick post because I haven’t posted in a while and I think this is something you all should join, so keep on reading(:
I wanted to share with you guys how excited I am to officially be a Glammie! For those who don’t know what a Glammie is basically it’s a club you join and for ten dollars a month. Each month you get a cute little makeup bag with 4-5 beauty products in it. They try to get as many full size products as possible if not they give you deluxe samples which have more than a couple uses in the sample. I was on the waiting list for a couple months and finally I got invited this month. This month’s theme for the glam bag was Girls Night Out! The Glam bag included a super cute glitter makeup bag, a full sized NYX round lipstick, a deluxe sized philosophy take a deep breath oil-free energizing oxygen gel cream moisturizer, a full sized Marbella permanent eyeliner pen and a huge sample of living proof frizz styling crème. So far I have used the eyeliner pen, the lipstick and the frizz crème and I love them all. I used the eyeliner pen and lipstick Saturday night for birthday dinner with the girls and let me say I was impressed. The eyeliner pen stayed on all night and did not smear or smudge at all and we were dancing all night so I was happy about that. I loved the color of the NYX round lipstick I did have to reapply it like twice throughout the night but I didn’t mind cause the color was beautiful! Before I left the house Saturday I straiten my hair and I used the freeze crème, and even though it was hot and humid and we were dancing my hair stayed perfect and lasted through Monday morning.  I still have to use the moisturizer but I’m sure I won’t be disappointed in it. I was very impressed with my first glam bag and needless to say I can’t wait to get July’s glam bag in the mail. I honestly think that if you like beauty products, you would benefit from this program. I mean not only do you get to try out beauty products but you get to save money on name brand products doing it. So if you’re interested here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do! Needless to say I can’t wait to get July’s glam bag in the mail. I honestly think that if you like beauty products, you would benefit from this program. I mean not only do you get to try out beauty products but you get to save money on name brand products doing it. So if you’re interested here’s the link and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do

The birthday girl