Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rock your Colored Jeans!

Hello again my Lovely’s!

Friday I did a Blog post about summer trends, and I hope you guys enjoyed it! I have had a lot of women lately say you look good in your colored jeans, too bad I can’t wear them. Right away in my head when I hear that I think to myself yes you can! If me, a curvy size 14 can pull them off then you defiantly can. The first thing I do before buying something I’m not sure about, I motivate myself. If I go into a store thinking these are going to look horrible, then most likely they will because I already had a negative attitude before I walked into the store. Never doubt yourself, no matter your size you are, what your figure looks like and how you look! EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL and I repeat EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL! But I also know that not everyone can pull off the same trends. For example, I love the pleated look, and I wish I could wear a pleated skirt or even a pleated dress but that’s never going to happen. They make me look like a big fat PUMPKIN, so I definitely understand the fact that sometimes your figure just can’t pull of some looks. But when it comes to colored jeans I think 99% of people can pull them off. I mean if you can wear the average pair of jeans you can find at a store, then you can mostly likely wear colored jeans! Whether there skinnies, boot cut, flares, capris, shorts or whatever other kinds of jeans there are find a fit that flatters your figure the best and then look for that style of jeans in color! I always look online first to see what stores offer the kind of jeans I’m looking for, that way I’m not running around like a chicken with my head cut off at the mall. For example, Google "Boot cut colored jean in size 14" or if you know the color you want type that in, coral skinnies in size 14. After I know that information I just go to my nearest mall to try on the jeans I liked online. The first thing I do when I go into the store and I see a pair of colored bottoms that I like, right away I go look for a top I can pair  them with. Even if I have no intention of buying the top, I still find a top that I think would look good with a pair of colored bottoms, especially with the ones I’m going to try on. I do this because a lot of times when I go to a store, unless I’m already wearing colored bottoms, the top I’m wearing most likely won’t look good with the bottoms I’m about going to try on. So if I pick out a top that will look good with the pair of jeans I can truly see how it would actually look in the dressing room! I don’t know about you but if something looks bad in a dressing room I’m not buying it, and I’m sure that’s the case for most people. For first time colored jean buyers I would recommend picking out a top that is in a neutral color that way you can focus on the color and fit of the jeans, instead of looking at how the top your wearing doesn’t match the jeans you have on. Also remember just because a shirt is in a neutral color doesn’t mean it can’t be fun; you can always go for something lacey, a top with cutouts or even something with glitter. Basically go as daring as you want just don’t pick out a crazy outfit that u wouldn't be comfortable wearing in public.

Once you found the pair of colored jeans, shorts or capris you like there are so many ways you can style them! Something I like to do that is simple, cute and super easy to put together is a simple striped shirt (I like long sleeve) with my colored jeans. I think it’s a very classic look and if you want to make it a little cuter you can always add a fun statement necklace or a cute blazer to spice it up. Another idea is just to get a simple plain shirt in white or a color of your choosing, then take a cute scarf that has the same color of your pants in it and wrap it around your neck. If you want to be a little daring you can color block by using a different color scarf. When I color block I like using complementary colors (across from each other in the color wheel) like blue and yellow. Something that I have actually been meaning to buy for a while is a jean shirt. I think jean shirts and colored jeans look so cute together, especially with fun accessories. For all of you animal print lovers, I love rocking cheetah print with coral skinnies! I have worn this before and what I did was I wore a loose cheetah top, and tucked the front into my coral skinnies. For accessories I did a brown braided belt (similar) , light brown fergielicious Wedges  , light brown earrings and a Michael Kors Hamilton satchel in peanut. There are so many ways to style colored jeans the list goes on and on. These are just some simple ways to style colored jeans for colored jeans newbies!

If you guys have any questions on how to style colored jeans or a certain color of jeans feel free comment or email me! I love answering questions when you guys email me! Also I hope this helped those who were iffy about colored jeans. Don’t be scared to take risk when it comes to color we have all had to take them, but once you take them you will be so glad you did! I hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend!


The first two outfits (the green and blue colored pants) where all styled from clothes found at the boutique I work at. If you have any questions about the store of where you can purchase these pieces you can find all the information here.

Green crop skinnies

Blue Skinnies

These following images are just some ways i have styled my colored pants in the past!

turquoise skinnies
Coral skinnies
(sorry my eyes look weird)



  1. your hair looks great and the pants are super cute. :)

  2. You are worried about your eyes?


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