Monday, June 23, 2014


This past week has been a whirlwind to say the least!! It was my birthday week and I was bound to make it perfect! Tuesday my friends and I had the most perfect picnic and horseback riding session planned. Everything started out perfect but somehow the horse got scared and I feel off the horses which caused me to have a concussion and seizure! It was a pretty scary ordeal but I have no broken bones and god continues to be wonderful in my life! I spent Tuesday evening and Wednesday in the hospital.

Thursday I turned 22. I went out for pedicures and lunch with my best friend but I was still pretty sore from everything so I spent the rest of my day at home just hanging out.

Friday evening I went out for dinner with my gal pals and went to the street dance in town!
Saturday morning I hung out with my perfect little family and just relaxed! In the evening we went to our local rodeo which was a blast!! Even ben enjoyed it, he didn’t cry once. After that my husband was on baby duty and the girls and I hit up the street dance for a girls night out to celebrate my birthday! It was so wonderful to be able to hang out with some of my high school friends!

Sunday we went to church and then spent the afternoon at our local pool for a wonderful family evening! Ben loved the pool! He had a blast with us, his aunties and cousins. It was so nice to enjoy a relaxing evening as a group.

I had an amazing week even though I needed to take painkillers to get by! My friends and family are so wonderful and made my week so special! Although my week was great I am so ready to get back on track with my diet. I seriously ate like crap all week and I am banned from working out, hard brain activities and driving until the Dr. clears me! My body is still super sore but I want to start my normal routine again! Although I loved indulging in sweets all week it made my body feel sluggish. My bodies craving good and healthy food!  Water, fruit and asparagus are going to be a must have this week!
How was your week/weekend? Anything great happen

Friday, June 13, 2014

Post Baby Summer Essentials

Good morning Lovely’s

Today is my first morning back at work from my maternity leave and what better opportunity than to post about my post baby summer style! ! For those of you who haven’t had a baby lets just say your body changes after you have a baby and even though i am working on getting my body back it does take a while. Not to mention a ton of hard work and motivation or at least for me. When your a mom to a infant or just in general it goes without saying that you are one busy and tired bee! Since i work at a boutique one part of my job is looking good! Here are some of my favorite post baby styles/pieces that keep me looking and feeling good!

Tank (here)
Skirt (Here)
Wedges (here)

We recently just got these two fabulous pieces in the store and i am in love!! I love how pretty they look to together. this is a great outfit for a summer wedding, if you have to be dressed up for work, church, date night and so on! The best part is that both pieces you can wear with many things! Navy might be one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothing. Navy goes with everything!!!! The pattern on this skirt hides all imperfections which is what you want when you just had a baby! 

Skirt (here)
Top  (here)

Maxi Skirts Baby!!!! Whoever invented maxi skirts has a special place in my heart! Seriously they are cute comfy and easy, need i say more! Maxi skirts are my go to when i wanna look cute but need to be comfortable! I put on my favorite t-shirt and a scarf and voila i am done!! Christa has so many cute ones in right now and it just makes my heart so happy! 

Dress (here)

Dress (here)

Dress are seriously a life saver! one piece to put on and your done. Summer is one of my favorite season! although I hate the heat i swear its so much easier to look cute in summer because there are so many great dress options and they are so easy to wear! i think i might own over 20 dresses and you can bet your sweet face that they will all be worn all summer. My favorite dress are the ones that singe at the waist because it shows off the smallest part of my body and takes away the attention from my belly.


Top (Here)

Boyfriends shorts are my favorite kind of shorts right now! They are long enough where my butt doesn't hangout of them. i also don’t get thigh chaffing from them either so that makes them a double wammy for me! we have three pairs of kut Boyfriend shorts at work and i k=own all there and i am positive that they will be on repeat all summer long! my favorite pair is this light wash distressed pair! I wore both of these looks while i was in Florida this past week. They wear easy and cute and for me they is actually what i aim for these days!

I am so thankful to be able to work at a place that provides affordable and cute clothing to our community! The store keeps me looking cute without breaking my bank which is also important for new moms cause lord knows newborns are pricey!!

What are your summer favorites? Do you have any post baby tricks to keep you looking and feeling fabulous?

Have a fabulous weekend

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

When your mind says you can’t tell your body to push harder!!

That’s my new motto and if I’m not mistaken I think I made it up. It might not be the catchiest thing out there but it works for me! I have learned that for me personally my mind gives up before my body and if I can push through it than I can keep going a lot more than I thought!

This past week I have been working out a lot more! I have been doing t25 and then running after! I don’t know why but its easiest for me to run after doing t25. I’m guessing it’s because I already have my body in motion. Either way I have been trying to push my limits lately. You have to push hard in order to see results. With that being said I have had a couple slips up this past week. I  gave in to cake on memorial day, and buns! Plus on Friday I went to a local winery and indulged in whine and the best brick oven pizza ever!!!!!
I mean doesn’t this look delish?!

With that being said who say healthy can’t be just as equally delicious! I made these amazing Quinoa Stuffed bell peppers last week that were finger licking good! Here is the recipe that I found of Pinterest! I did add some ground beef to make it a little more filling but for my first time trying quinoa I was in love!

Goal Update
I lost two pounds this week. I still have four more pounds until I meet my first goal but I will keep pushing through!

Lastly here is some great baby spam(;

Have a wonderful day! 

Monday, May 19, 2014

The Most Embarrassing Thing I Have Ever Done!

Today is the Day…It’s not a big day but it’s an important day! My husband and I have chosen to start to eat a lot healthier/cleaner! I know saying it is a lot easier than actually doing it but we are really hoping to stick to this and hopefully I can develop and establish a support system that will keep me accountable! I know some days will be harder than others but I plan on allowing myself to have two cheat meals a week which I think will help me with sticking to the plan.  I think for me my biggest obstacles will be sweets and carbs because when it comes to that I am a junkie! I love brownies, pasta and breads but I hope that my want for be healthier outdoes my love for food! I want to be able wear cute dresses and shorts and feel good about it! I want to be able to go the lake and feel comfortable. I hate the feeling of going to a store and not being able to fit into what I want! I am doing this for me but also for ben because I don’t want my son to be overweight or think its ok to have a unhealthy lifestyle.  If we establish healthy lifestyle hopefully my son won’t know anything different other than a healthy lifestyle and that’s what I want!  I know that it will be a struggle especially because of my hypothyroidism but I hope that my determination out does my frustration!

In order to really keep accountable I have to do this no matter how embarrassing it is!
My start weight is 191
This is my body unedited six weeks after having a baby
Please don’t judge!

I believe in little victories so my first goal is to be 185 and fit in this swimsuit comfortably!

Dont mind my wonderful faces

Yeah I know its not a pretty site but im working on it!
Well there it!
The good the bad and the ugly!
 Hopefully with your help and support I can become a better version of who I am!

Have a wonderful Day 

Monday, April 28, 2014

I'm A Mommy!!

For those of you who don’t already know I am officially a mom to beautiful Benjamin Charles!

Isnt he a cutie? Yes I know im a little biased but hey I can’t help it! Today he’s officially 4 weeks old! I can’t believe how time flies! I feel like just yesterday I was finding out I was pregnant and now I have been his mommy for about a month! Benjamin has completely stolen mine and my husband heart! He is the best thing that I could have ever asked for! I love everything thing about it from his sweet smile to his stinky farts! Everything about him is perfect! He makes me want to better!  I could seriously go on and on! Our first month has been a little hard (que in Sleepless nights, colic and acid reflux problems) but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Our life has forever been changed but for the best…
and now you are about to get photo spammed!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

3D Goodness

So It’s totally fair to say I have been MIA for like the past year! I have just been exhausted throughout this pregnancy and in less than nine weeks we will meet out little guy! I seriously cant wait but that doesn't mean that I am not as nervous as can be. Pretty sure I cried last night because I feel so unprepared! I mean the stuff I worry about isn't stuff I can really learn about until baby ben is here but that doesn't mean that it doesn't make me nervous. Any who the other day the sent us to see a specialist for baby be. Not only did everything turn out ok but we were lucky enough to get some good 3D face shots!

Meet Benjamin Charles Tarin

So yes I am his mom and my opinion is totally biased but I think he’s just the cutest! I can’t wait to hold him in my arms and kiss those little cheeks of his! Until then I will just stare at his pictures all day every day!

I hope you have a wonderful day!