Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wellness Wednesday

When your mind says you can’t tell your body to push harder!!

That’s my new motto and if I’m not mistaken I think I made it up. It might not be the catchiest thing out there but it works for me! I have learned that for me personally my mind gives up before my body and if I can push through it than I can keep going a lot more than I thought!

This past week I have been working out a lot more! I have been doing t25 and then running after! I don’t know why but its easiest for me to run after doing t25. I’m guessing it’s because I already have my body in motion. Either way I have been trying to push my limits lately. You have to push hard in order to see results. With that being said I have had a couple slips up this past week. I  gave in to cake on memorial day, and buns! Plus on Friday I went to a local winery and indulged in whine and the best brick oven pizza ever!!!!!
I mean doesn’t this look delish?!

With that being said who say healthy can’t be just as equally delicious! I made these amazing Quinoa Stuffed bell peppers last week that were finger licking good! Here is the recipe that I found of Pinterest! I did add some ground beef to make it a little more filling but for my first time trying quinoa I was in love!

Goal Update
I lost two pounds this week. I still have four more pounds until I meet my first goal but I will keep pushing through!

Lastly here is some great baby spam(;

Have a wonderful day! 


  1. I'm so proud of you girl!! I need to get on your level!! That sweet little baby is adorable!!

  2. You are doing amazing! And I think you deserve to treat yourself as well. Life is too short to not enjoy a great slice of pizza here and there!

    And he is so, so cute!


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