Friday, June 13, 2014

Post Baby Summer Essentials

Good morning Lovely’s

Today is my first morning back at work from my maternity leave and what better opportunity than to post about my post baby summer style! ! For those of you who haven’t had a baby lets just say your body changes after you have a baby and even though i am working on getting my body back it does take a while. Not to mention a ton of hard work and motivation or at least for me. When your a mom to a infant or just in general it goes without saying that you are one busy and tired bee! Since i work at a boutique one part of my job is looking good! Here are some of my favorite post baby styles/pieces that keep me looking and feeling good!

Tank (here)
Skirt (Here)
Wedges (here)

We recently just got these two fabulous pieces in the store and i am in love!! I love how pretty they look to together. this is a great outfit for a summer wedding, if you have to be dressed up for work, church, date night and so on! The best part is that both pieces you can wear with many things! Navy might be one of my favorite colors when it comes to clothing. Navy goes with everything!!!! The pattern on this skirt hides all imperfections which is what you want when you just had a baby! 

Skirt (here)
Top  (here)

Maxi Skirts Baby!!!! Whoever invented maxi skirts has a special place in my heart! Seriously they are cute comfy and easy, need i say more! Maxi skirts are my go to when i wanna look cute but need to be comfortable! I put on my favorite t-shirt and a scarf and voila i am done!! Christa has so many cute ones in right now and it just makes my heart so happy! 

Dress (here)

Dress (here)

Dress are seriously a life saver! one piece to put on and your done. Summer is one of my favorite season! although I hate the heat i swear its so much easier to look cute in summer because there are so many great dress options and they are so easy to wear! i think i might own over 20 dresses and you can bet your sweet face that they will all be worn all summer. My favorite dress are the ones that singe at the waist because it shows off the smallest part of my body and takes away the attention from my belly.


Top (Here)

Boyfriends shorts are my favorite kind of shorts right now! They are long enough where my butt doesn't hangout of them. i also don’t get thigh chaffing from them either so that makes them a double wammy for me! we have three pairs of kut Boyfriend shorts at work and i k=own all there and i am positive that they will be on repeat all summer long! my favorite pair is this light wash distressed pair! I wore both of these looks while i was in Florida this past week. They wear easy and cute and for me they is actually what i aim for these days!

I am so thankful to be able to work at a place that provides affordable and cute clothing to our community! The store keeps me looking cute without breaking my bank which is also important for new moms cause lord knows newborns are pricey!!

What are your summer favorites? Do you have any post baby tricks to keep you looking and feeling fabulous?

Have a fabulous weekend


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