Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Making A Small Wardrobe Go a LONG Way

Lately I have come to find that as much as I adore technology (such as Facebook, Instagram, Blogs and online shopping) it has made it a bit harder for our fellow fashionistas to wear an outfit more than a couple of times! My friends always seem to be taking pictures and putting them on our social networking sites and because of it I feel that I can’t wear an outfit as many times as I used to. My fear being, I don’t want anyone to think I wear the same clothes all the time! One day I was just staring at my closet and trying to think of which outfits I used the most in my pictures so I could donate them, instead of wearing them yet again in another picture. While I was taking things out of my closet a light bulb went off in my head. Now when I feel like wearing a certain top or dress more than once or even twice in a month, I have learned an amazing strategy to do so. We all love to look fabulous & the power of accessories in a outfit is a huge part of that, especially when you’re trying to take a small wardrobe a long way. For example take your favorite pair of skinnies and a basic top. For a day at school or errands you can pair those two pieces with some flats, a cross body bag, and some stud diamond earrings and you have a simple and comfortable look. Then let’s say you want to go out that same night. Using that same top and pair of skinnies throw on some cute heels, a blazer, a statement necklace, simple earrings, and clutch and voilĂ  you have two completely different looks! Before I learned this I would look into my closet for what felt like forever then give up and say I” I have nothing to wear”. My husband would get so frustrated with me that sometimes he would even try to pick out outfits for me. Even though it took me a while to figure this accessories trick I’m thankful because it has completely changed the way I see my wardrobe and even shed new light on things I never wore in my closet before. No matter how many pairs of jeans or tops you own when you do simple things like adding & changing up your accessories you can make any wardrobe go a long way!

Also I would love to hear ways that you guys make your closet go a long way or even tricks you use when getting dressed.  If you have a certain topic you would like me to post about comment below! I would love to hear your ideas!(: Sorry for the pictures they are not the best quality. My camera has been acting up and I had to use my iPod. Hopefully soon I will have a new camera!

The Top and Bke Payton Skinny Jeans (Very Similar)! I Wore both in each outfit!

My add ons for this going out ensemble... a Forever 21 Blazer,  Wedges  (which are Currently on Sale),  Express earrings (Similar) & a Chanel inspired handbag!
My add ons for my running errands outfit ...a Bke Cross body bag (extremely similar different color), Studded  earrings,  Silver Sandlas &   some friendship bracelets


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