Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Print Paradise

Hey Guys!

I’m back for day two of spring fling and today we are going to be talking about print/pattern. This year print and pattern are going to be everywhere you turn. It’s been the main theme of many of the runway/collections for spring 2013. The pattern that I have been spotting the most out there is floral but I have also spotted a lot of ornamental, graphic, Asian-inspired prints, and stripes. We will be seeing printed pants, shorts, blazers, shirts, and dresses. You name it and they will most likely have it in print!
As we start to get some printed items at the boutique I have noticed many women saying “I already wore this once in my lifetime I can’t wear it twice.” I think that printed items can defiantly be super age appropriate for all ages. If you don’t think you can personally pull of a mix print look (I’ll be talking about this later this week). Look for a cute printed blouse or skirt. There are many ways you can stay trendy without being over the top.

If you do want to stay trendy for spring and summer 2013, I would definitely purchase some printed pieces. Although it will probably be hard NOT to buy something printed this spring and summer since they will be everywhere. Some pieces I am definitely going to be purchasing are printed pants, blouses, scarfs and dresses. If you are like me and don’t like wasting tons of money on pieces that you don’t know how much you will wear; I suggest looking for these pieces at stores such as forever 21, H&M, Target and Love culture. I will probably either be buying many of my spring trends at boutiques, forever 21 or target!

So in love with this!!!

Love the color Combo!!! 

Do you guys plan on rocking the print trend this spring? If so is there anything you will for sure be buying?

Stay tuned for a how-to on mixing prints and  

As Always Stay Fabulous!!!

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  1. This is great! It's the first post I've seen about 2013 trends so thanks! I love the printed pants trend but I'm never confident enough to pull it off :) looking forward to your other posts in this series! -S

  2. I LOVE mixing prints. Anything graphic makes my heart sing. I would kill for a pair of floral skinny jeans - but I fear they will only draw attention to allll those lovely lady lumps I've got goin on. I think I better stick to tops ;)

  3. I'm obsessed with mixing prints (hence my latest post camp + stripes from Madewell)


    x Kelsey


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