Monday, January 21, 2013

Weekend Update!

Hey guys!!!   
What have Yall been up too! I Feel like I haven’t really updated my life in a while! So I am going to do a Weekend/Past two weeks Update through pictures!! Perfectly simple & I hope you enjoy!!!

Just Bought This last night!! IT was on sale not to mention that it is freezing in Minnesota!!

Yesturdays Outfit of the day!! Got the top for 6 dollars!!

Got this shirt for Six bucks too!! 

My Cutie Paputieee!!

My Nieces Birthday was on thursday!! She is a little brat but she can be so funny!!

I have been addicted to chicken fajitas!!

Love my new Dish soap From Influenster!!! IT works Great!!

Yup!! I just love her!!

The Hubby came home for the weekend IT was so nice to have him home!!

Have a great week & Stay FABULOUS!!!! 

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  1. Love all the pics :) and I saw that you picked out the white north face after all!!

  2. yum I love chicken fajitas too!

  3. Love that North Face! Chicken fajitas are deeelish.

  4. I love you hair looks so good :)

  5. SO pretty girl!! I love all the pics and that jacket is AWESOME!!! I just love a warm but super stylish jacket like that for these cold winter months :)


  6. there is so much goodness in this post! Thank you for sharing! xo


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