Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random and Fun

Its Wednesday that means its time for random and fun Pinterest goodies
Let the goodness begin...

I need these heels in my life

Is this dress not stunning

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  1. Lmfaooooo to your first pin. Hey I wouldn't mind it if that guy asked me that same question! I pinned your 3rd pin months ago! The girl is beautiful! Happy hump day hun ♥

  2. Fertilized - lmao! That's too funny. That maxi skirt is killer!

  3. Oh my gosh...first pin, hilarious. ;)

  4. I need those heels in my life too!!! :) And I wish I could put on eyeshadow like all the girls that are blasted across just never works out for me!!!

  5. Ohhh...what I wouldn't give for such a pretty (and organized) vanity area. Love it!!


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