Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My birthday week!!

Hey there cuties!!
Sorry that I have been MIA Lately!! I have either been partying because I’m 21 now or recuperating from my birthday festivities!!

The past week has been great! It has been filled with great friends, family time, tornados, rodeos and LOTS of DRINKS!

On Tuesday the night before my birthday my hubbers threw me a fabulous surprise birthday party! He invited some of my favorite friends and we rung in my 21 birthday just the way you should…tipsy! At midnight we headed to the bar and took my first legal shots!

Luke made me a delish drink called apple pie!! best drink ever!!!

Love this chick!!
Wednesday we were all recuperating from the night before! But somehow we magaged to pull ourselves together for dinner and some bar hopping!

Friday my hubbers took me out for supper and just to our luck a tornado hit while we were at walmart getting some stuff we needed. So we were stuck in the break room of walmart for a hour with the rest of the store! Luckily we were ok but my aunt’s neighborhood was torn to pieces! 

Saturday I had to work in the morning but after the real party started! We started off our Saturday night at the amazing western fest rodeo in our town and then went to a great street dance after! for those of you who don't know what a street dance is... it is when the block off street and the local bars come out and serve drinks with a great country band playing! Since i live in such a small town the whole town comes together for  a great time!

We just took Sunday to just recuperate from our crazy week! 

What about you? What did you do over the past week?

Hope you have a great day! 

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  1. SO exciting! Happy Birthday!!21!! WOOHOO!!! We're only one year apart, I'm 22 :) Looks like you had a great and festive time! You'll have an exciting year ahead! You look fabulous as ALWAYS!


  2. Looks like you had a great birthday week! I love that white lace skirt byt the way! Great outfits all throughout!

  3. Happy Birthday !!! :)


  4. You just turned 21?! OMG girl! Not that you look older, but you definitely have a maturity about you! Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one!! From my experience, the 22nd is always better than the 21st!


  5. Well happy birthday missy! looks like you had a blast..sorry to hear about the Tornado :( but it looks like you stayed positive by still celebrating your birthday :) Happy happy happy birthday! <3


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