Thursday, September 6, 2012

Back to Basics!

Hey there cuties!
Sorry that I kind of disappeared for a couple weeks. I was having some family issues but I’m back and doing what I love the most, sharing my love for fashion with you guys! Next week I will start up by doing fall trends again.  Since everyone is back to school and work shopping, I want to share with you guys some of my fall basic essentials. These are essentials that I always keep in my closet.

1.)    Cami’s, /tanks- I think everyone should own at least seven cami’s, one for every day of the week. I wear cami’s under almost everything. In my wardrobe I always like to have the basic colors; white, black, tan, and grey. I also try to look for some fun colors like pink, blue, burgundy, red etc.
2.)    Tee’s and long sleeve shirts- I also try to at least have two short sleeve & two long sleeve cotton plain shirts in my closet. I always like to have one black and one white in both long and short sleeve.  I also like having long sleeved cotton stripped shirts.  I usually get them in colors such as black, red, yellow and navy blue.
3.)    Cardigans- I am a huge cardigan lover. I prefer the longer ones. They are a huge essential of mine for fall/winter. I have them in all kinds of different patterns and colors. 
4.)    Dark jeans- Every girl needs a good pair dark of jeans! I personally prefer skinny jeans. They are a lot easier to tuck in my boots but go for whatever you find most flattering for your body type. 
5.)    Colored jeans- The color jean trend is not going away. So keep on buying colored jeans.
6.)    BOOTS!!!!- I LOVE BOOTS & since I live in Minnesota they are an essential. I have all kinds from snow boots, to Uggs to riding boots. I own them all. I like to have ad least one pair of black riding boots and one pair in brown.  I also am a huge Ugg lover. They are just so comfy I also have those in brown and black.  I like to wear those on my lazy days. Plus they keep my feet super warm.
7.)    Sweater dress- This fall is all about comfy. Everything from sweater cardigans to sweater dresses are going to be in. so make sure to ad least have one sweater dress in your wardrobe.
8.)    Leather Jacket- I love leather jackets, I wear mine all the time. Make sure to pick up a leather jacket, if you don’t already have one. I think leather jackets are just a fall basic and everyone should own at least one.
9.)    Scarfs- I have hangers full of scarfs. I think scarfs are amazing for fall and winter. They keep you warm and are so cute.
10.) Pea coat- I love pea coats! I wear them all the time in winter when I’m going out.
11.) Northface- Yes I know this might not be fashionable but I love me some North face! From my winter coat to their fleece, they always keep me warm.
12.) Belts- I mentioned early that I love cardigans. Well when I wear my cardigans I usually wear them open with a cute tank under them and a cute belt around the waist.
13.) Tights- I love wearing dresses all year round! In order to wear my dressing in winter and fall I wear tights under my dress to keep my legs warm.
14.) Fall Satchel – I am a huge Satchel lover!!! I especially loving Micheal Kors fall Hamilton bags! This fall colored bags are going to be VERY IN!

These are my fall essentials.  What are yours? Comment below I would love to know. I hope you guys have a fabulous rest of the week.
Fall Essentials

Sweater dress

Rag bone knit top

Knit top
$57 -

Elie Tahari leather jacket

Jack BB Dakota pea coat

Leather jacket
$60 -

J brand jeans
$205 -

The North face

Modstrom skinny jeans
$105 -

Dorothy perkin

Tory Burch flat boots

Tory burch boots

Ugg australia

Roxy platform boots

Valentino bag

Great Plains tan belt
$56 -

Infinity scarve

Hollister Co hollister co


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