Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Be An Egyptian Goddess

Happy Hump Day,

I hope that you guys are having a fabulous week so far! Having style isn’t only about what your wear, it's about how an entire look is put together! Instead of a fashion trend, today I will be sharing a makeup trend that is sure to be huge this fall and winter! The Egyptian Eye, this look is inspired by the ancient Egyptians. During fashion week I saw many models rocking the Egyptian look. Let me tell you, even though it’s really dramatic, it looks fabulous. What I love about this look is that it gives you the option to add color or wear it neutral.  I personally would probably go more neutral. I am not a wonderful makeup artist so I won’t be telling you how to do it. What I will be doing is showing you a couple images of the trend and how you can rock it. Many celebrities have already been wearing this look. I personally don’t know how long it will take for this trend to hit my little town in Minnesota, but I hope it won’t be too long. If you guys plan on wearing this look please send me some pictures I would love to see how you rock this look! Have a wonderful rest of the week.


LOVE the way Kim is rocking this look!


  1. I love this look. i will try this soon. where should i send the picture?


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