Monday, August 6, 2012

Turn Summer Into Fall

Hey There Beauties!

By now you guys might have noticed that I really like shopping.  I work at a boutique so I’m always on the prowl for something cute and fun to add to my closet. When the end of a season comes around I sometimes get stuck on what to buy. Since it is almost the end of summer I don’t want to continue to keep on buying summer clothes but it’s too way hot to start wearing fall clothes, so what do I do? Well when this time of the season hits I always try to find pieces I can use now and in the next season. Lately when I shop I have been on the lookout for jewel toned clothing. Jewel toned clothing is always perfected for the fall (a blog post about fall trends will be up soon). Here are some ways to turn some of summer favorites into warm outfits perfect for fall. 

I love dresses; I wear them all four seasons. Some people believe you should only wear dresses in the summer, I don’t. I think it is super easy to transition a dress from summer into fall. For example I just bought a fabulous emerald green dress that the boutique just got in. The color of the dress is perfect for fall. For the rest of the summer I’m going to wearing this dress with a belt around the waist and a pair of wedges. When fall hits I will be pairing the same green dress with some brown riding boots, a belt and a cardigan (for the chilling days). I think transitioning a dress from one season to the next is all about accessorizing for the weather. If it’s warm out pair it with sandals or wedges. If it’s cold out add some tights under the dress and grab a pair of tall boots in order to keep your legs warm. Don’t forget a cardigan or crop jacket to keep your arms warm also.


Skirts are very similar to dresses!  My favorite way to wear some of my favorite summer skirts in the fall is with tights/legging and booties. I also love this look for winter and think it’s super easy to put together.  This style can easily be made into a glamorous look (depending on the skirt) with just a couple accessories! For the days in which there is only a little breeze skip the tights and just wear the skirt and booties!

Most tanks are extremely easy to transition from summer to fall. Some of the ways I transition my tanks are by adding cardigans or vest over them. When I use crop cardigans over my tanks all I do is leave them open and I’m done. It’s as simple as that. For longer cardigans I like to add a belt around the waist if I plan on leaving it open, that wayt I can show off my curves. One of my favorite ways to make tanks more suitable for fall is to add a leather jacket over them and a fun colored scarf.  It’s by far my favorite!

I think the best clothing purchases are the ones you can wear multiple ways in multiple seasons. So if you’re going shopping soon remember to look for pieces you can wear now and also later! I hope this helped you guys out!  


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