Monday, August 13, 2012

Tribal Temptations!

Hey There My Lovely beauties!

Today is the first day of the Fall Trend Series! In this series I’m going to take some of this upcoming fall trends and show you guys how to wear /style them. I am going to be using my best friend Carla as a model for some of the trends this series, so thanks Carla for volunteering to help me. Also Thank you Christa Landmark Boutique for having amazing clothing! A lot of this stuff is all from her store (here).

Please remember that all these trends are just that “trends”and they are not guaranteed to last a certain amount of time. When it comes to buying trends that are so “of the moment” my advice is to buy inexpensively. Just because something is in this fall doesn’t mean that it will be in next fall! So always try to find trends for low prices! Stores I would recommend for inexpensive trend shopping are Forever 21 and H&M.

Today’s Trend
Today’s Fall Trend is Aztec.  Aztec is anything that has tribal print on it.I have been spotting this trend on celebs such as Kim Kardashin, Lucy Hale, Rihanna and Whitney Port.  It has also been spotted on runways such as Whitney Eve, L.A.M.B,  Diane Von Furstenberg, Missoni. Go to your local mall and you’re most likely to find Aztec inspired clothing in many forms such as shoes, shirts,dresses, accessories, tights, pants cardigans and more.  Prints are a Fall MUST HAVE, and Aztec happens to be one of those prints!

How to wear Aztec

Plan on wearing tribal prints this fall! For my fellow fashionista’s out there I love mixing Aztec with other patterns, such as stripes. The key to mixing Aztec with a different pattern (the key to mixing any prints) is uniting one color through the whole look!  For my girls, who are getting started with Aztec, go for a simple look such as an Aztec dress with a blazer over it or colored skinnies with a black and white Aztec top. Some other ways to wear Aztec simply are pair Aztec patterned leggings/pantswith a sheer blouse or jeans with an Aztec top.  If even that is too risky for you, you can always just add Aztec inspired accessories to you outfit such as Aztec patterned booties,a necklace or Aztec fringe bag.

Comment below if you you have any questions or comments on styling Aztec prints! Hope this helps!


Beautiful Ms. Carla! Everything shes Wearing is from Christa Landmark Boutique! ((here)

Stole this off Pinterest! How to mix patterns. 

Tribal Temptations!

River Island print dress
$39 -

Oversized top
$28 -

River Island red tank top
$19 -

Cropped jeans

River Island tube skirt
$28 -

River Island high heel
$135 -

Woven sandals

Leather shoulder bag

La mer watch

Oscar de la renta jewelry
$200 -

Soul Cal Deluxe Aztec Espadrilles
$7.80 -

Aztec Strand Duo


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