Monday, July 15, 2013

And Then I Bough Gucci Shoes

Well once again it’s Monday and I can honestly say that I had a pretty good weekend! My mom flew into town on Thursday which was such a fun surprise! As soon as she came to my house the first the she asked for was a trip to Culver's since I guess they don’t have any in Orlando! So of course we went there which ruined my diet because there butter bugers are just that burgers that have there buns dipped in butter! They are soo good but so bad for you!

Friday I worked but Saturday we headed up to the cities to have a family day with my mom, aunts, uncles and cousins! We spent most of our day at the mall of America shopping and then I found these beauties…

Gucci pumps for only 180 and Nordstrom’s Rack! I have never felt a shoe more comfortable then these and since my husband agreed to by me my  Tory Burch Revas I knew these babies had to be mine! I mean seriously there Gucci!!! the leather is so buttery and the insoles are just great!!

After the mall we headed to the grand ole creamery with my cousins for some delish homemade ice-cream! Seriously this ice-cream is the best. I have been going here since I was little and I decided that it was time for hubby  to try this little slice of heaven!

After that we all just hung out for a great evening! Sunday consist of cleaning, laundry and a body pump class! Seriously if you are looking for a great workout you need try this class! Its a great full body workout and I know I will get results with this class! I can’t wait to keep going!
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I hope you have a great week!!

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  1. WHATTT your orginally from Orlando, and now you live in Minnesota?!?

    How did I not know this (and if you have told me I am so sorry)

    I grew up in Minnesota, and MOA is like my favorite place ever! I am going to be in MN this weekend, we should have a blogger shopping date:)

  2. It looks like you had a great weekend! So jealous of the mall of America trip!! :) those shoes are amazing!!! Such a great deal! :)

  3. really nice outfit !
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  4. You are the prettiest!

    Sounds like a great weekend! Your shoes are fabulous! Such a great deal too.

    Oh and I'm completely craving ice cream now!

  5. Now that is a STEAL! Holy COW!!! Happy you got to see your Momma!!!

  6. It looks like you had such a fun weekend!!! I LOVE those shoes; omg to die for! And such a good deal for GUCCI shoes!!! You're such a fabulous fashionista :)


  7. Those stylish Gucci shoes are adorable! You look so pretty and the location is so picturesque!


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