Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We will be Friends Forever!

Lace Tank (forever 21 old) Skirt Jcrew Sold out (Somewhat similar ) Watch (Micheal Kors) Necklace (Similar)  Heels (super similar)

I Really love the bright colors in this skirt! I love that its fun and a great length on me! What do you guys think?

Do you ever have those days where you’re looking through pictures or even memories and think I will probably be friends with this person forever!! This is how I feel when I think about these two girls! We have had our fair share of fights, not agreeing and not even talking for a while but when crap hits the fan I can count of these two beautiful ladies to be my side through thick and thin! Not to mention every time we get together its one heck of a good time! 

I have been friends with this gorgeous girl since the day I moved back to Minnesota, we have laughed, cried and supported each other through some of the toughest times in our lives and no matter what I can count on Carla to be here for me for anything!! She is the kind of friend you want/hope to have!! 

Carlas look is entirely from Christa Landmark Boutique

This little Miss thang will be leaving me for bootcamp to join the marines next month and I don’t know what I will do with her. If you ever see us together you would probably think we are a whole new type of weird! Whether it’s us being creepers or just annoying the crap out of my husband we are bound to make whatever situation a funny one!

Azalia dress is also from Christa Landmark Boutique

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  1. ahh, friendships like that are to be treasured :) glad you have them!

    i'm loving your outfit from head to toe! perfection! the skirt is a great shape and length on you ... love it! you are gorgeous!

  2. you look so beautiful !
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  3. LOVE love love your skirt - you look so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Awww you all look so pretty! LOVE that necklace!

  5. This outfit is super cute! I love your friend's photobomb! :)

  6. Love the bright colors! Those are some adorable outfits.

  7. Love your skirt and the green one too!

  8. you look stunning! I absolutely love that outfit!! So classy! I always love looking through old pictures of my friends and I like wow they have been my friends since high school, so we really will be best friends forever. Your friends are beautiful. :)

  9. Love your outfit and the colors. Yes..Good Friends are hard to find and hard to keep. Cherish every moment.--- #StyleElixir


  10. I love all the outfits in this picture! and yes to bright colors!!

  11. Brilliant outfits!! I love that necklace, too :)

    Thank you for choosing to link up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx

  12. what beautiful girls and outfits! i love your skirt and necklace!

  13. aww you look stunning! Love how you styled the skirt with the lace top..very very beautiful!


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