Tuesday, October 1, 2013

BabyDate: Week 15

How Far Along: 15 Weeks
Gender: We don’t know yet but I do keep referring to baby T as him/he!
Weight Gain/Loss: I have lost 8 pounds!
Something you didn’t expect about pregnancy: I have been breaking out A LOT! I never had acne before but now I have cystic acne all over my face and its seriously makes me cry at times when I look at myself in the mirror!
Movement: Not yet but I can feel my body stretching all different ways!
Food Cravings: Nothing really yet! But I have wanted pizza more often which is not good! Hopefully I crave spinach or something healthy!
Anything Making You Queasy/Sick: Everything! I have really bad morning sickness! Everything comes back up!
Have You Started To Show Yet: Not really.  You can only tell a little at the end of the day after I have eaten but I am pretty sure that’s just me being bloated!
Maternity Clothes: I haven’t bought any yet! But I am thinking about investing in some joe’s maternity jeans! My pants still fit but are started to get a little tight when I button them!
Belly Button In/Out: In
Workouts: I haven’t been working out as much because I have a high risk pregnancy but I truly just want to get out and run! That is something I truly miss.

If you guys have any questions you guys want me to answer just let me know! i am pretty open about this pregnancy! 
Have a great rest of the day! 
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  1. I am so happy for you! As someone who has struggled with a previous MC I feel your anxiety. But, I knew the day I found out I was pregnant that this was it! And now, I feel our little miracle moving around - its beyond amazing. Such an incredible blessing! God bless you & your growing family! Can't wait to read your weekly bump updates! xoxoxo

  2. You look beautiful!

    You're doing a good job hiding the acne because you look fabulous to me. It's all for a good purpose :)

    It's so hard not to crave pizza and so easy not to crave spinach!

  3. Congratulations, again!!! You look gorgeous!!! They say acne and morning sickness means girl!!! ;) So thrilled for you guys!!

  4. So cute lady! Hope that morning sickness gets better!

  5. obsessed with that dress. You look STUNNING! Such a fabulous post, love. If you get a second, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit. :)


  6. Love your boots!! So cute :)
    And Congratulations!
    I'm now following your lovely blog!


  7. aww how exciting! you are glowing!!

  8. I hope you start feeling better soon! You look amazing in those pictures!!! What acne?? You look so happy!! I love it! :)

  9. You two are SO cute :)
    I totally had pregnancy acne and I was so shocked by it! It's more common than you think... no one talks about it until you have it though. It seems like mine was cleared up by the half way point so hopefully yours does, too! It's just all the crazy hormone changes that your body has to adjust to! You can have super bad acne after having the baby too because of the insane hormone changes. I was super nervous about that since I did have pregnancy acne, but I never had anything after I had Mia... yay!

  10. Oh congratulations girl!!! This is SUCH exciting news!!! You look absolutely beautiful too! Can't wait to hear all your baby updates!



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