Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fall Nails

Hey There!
For the past couple months I have been obsessing over nails! In high school I would always get my nails done every two weeks but as I have grown older I have found it way more convenient to just paint my own nails at home! As the seasons change so do the colors on my nails. I love deep and rich nail colors for fall! Here are a couple of the nails colors that I have bought for fall so far.

OPI In the Cable Car-pool Lane 

OPI Incognito in Sausalito

OPI You Don't Know Jacques
Since I’m a Pinterest junkie I always look for fun new ideas for nail art! Here are a couple of my favorite pins for fall nails!

This is fun and cute! 

Subtle but super fallish

classic with a twist! 

I love gold accents! 

How do you ladies like to take care of your nails? Are you a acrylic or natural kinda of gal?
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  1. i love all the colors you purchased! i'm a big fan of OPI and China Glaze ... i actually like them more than Essie.

    the gold accent one is gorgeous!

  2. I am loving the gold accents! I need to try that for sure!

  3. Those 3 colors need to make a visit to my house! Love them all.


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