Friday, November 1, 2013

Baby T's Progress!!

How far along: 19 Weeks

Weight Gain/Loss: one pound

Baby's Growth: Every ultrasound our sweet baby gets bigger! I love getting to see it kick and wave during our ultrasounds. I definitely feel my belly growing more and more.

Movement: Last week I think I finally realized that the weird little pains in my stomach were the baby kicking. It’s so fun to know that my baby is moving at all time and that I can finally feel him/her.

Food Cravings: Mac n cheese with hotdogs!
How I'm Feeling: My morning sickness is slowly going away I went from puking three times a day to like once every other day! I feel like a have a little more energy throughout the day too but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to be lazy.

Sleeping:  I am a lot less sleepy during the day lately but come 9 at night and I am ready to hit the sheets. I think the fact that we just got a brand new amazing bed has something to do with it!

Have You Started To Show Yet: Yes I think it started like two weeks ago? I went to bed with no bump and woke up with a bump! Its not a huge bump but I can definitely notice it.

Maternity Clothes: Not really. I still fit in most of my clothes but I can’t wear my shirts tucked in anymore without looking like I am rocking the beer gut. Also I use a belly bands for my days when I feel really big. My pants still button but not super comfortably.

Stretchmarks: Not yet and I’m hoping I never have to ever say yes to this!

Belly Button In/Out: In I was just wondering when it would pop out.

Workouts: I am officially cleared to run for a little bit at a time so I try to get in little 15 min runs in. I also walk and lift weight but nothing major. Baby comes first for us since we have high risk pregnancies.

Looking Forward To: Celebrating my husband birthday this weekend. It’s crazy to think that he will already be 23. Also our gender reveal party is next weekend and I truly can’t wait for that! I want to know what baby T is already. Although I’m pretty sure it’s a boy!


  1. Well, I am very happy for you girl ♥ enjoy your baby as much as you can while is there growing... It's amazing how babies changed our lives, take good care of yourself and like you said it baby's first. Love Ya ♥

  2. I'm so glad that you're feeling better! That makes me happy!

    You look great! I can't wait to know what you're having!

    Happy birthday to your hubby! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. You look all cute and adorable being preggo!!!


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