Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Preggo Problems!!

k so as I write this it is seriously two in the morning! Baby T is hungry and kicking the crap out of me so I’m up feeding him protein yogurt! I know I said I would post all week about glamour but I lied and this is why… im tired, still sick and just moody from being pregnant! I feel like everyone around me is on a mission to lose weight while I just become a bigger fatty! And even though I am trying my best to eat healthy all I really want is to eat chocolate Carmel brownies and pizza all day long!!

I’m Almost seven months pregnant which is just crazy to think about. I feel like just the other day I was seeing two lines on the pregnancy test and now I’m almost seven months pregnant! EEK! I can honestly say I haven’t gained much weight just three pounds but I know that is all about to change in my third trimester! I’m hungrier than ever! My normal jeans don’t fit and running is really starting to hurt my back. My body hurts all the time. Thank the lord I have a chiropractor appointment on Thursday. Im hoping she can fix me up!  & Yes I know I’m just complaining but my wonderful husband doesn’t really getting so im venting to you!

Did I mention that I’m going to be a mom! That’s so crazy to me but is a good scary kinda a way! I cant wait to meet him and hold him. See what his little personality is like! I know the next three months are probably going to fly by and before I know I will officially be a mom! But until then im just going to get bigger and more uncomfortable. So I just have to suck it up because all the end of this im going to get a sweet baby and there are women who would kill to be in my shoes!
So overall I am truly blessed and that is what matters!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!! 


  1. aww girly i'm really soooo happy for you! I know you may be experiencing preggo issues but the good news it is only temporary! It must be tough and I can't even imagine! :)

  2. by the way, i'm loving your new bloggy look!

  3. The seventh month is really a critical stage of pregnancy, because it is at this time that the baby is developing rapidly. And we all know that this will make you crave to eat more, your body start to feel pain, and for some they’re having a difficult time sleeping. It can be quite a wild ride if you look back to it now. Thankfully you have a chiro that you can count on during those days. Stay healthy!

    Waylon Buser @ U.S. HealthWorks


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