Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Perfect New Change!

Hey There Gorgeous!!

Notice anything different today? Not only does the blog have a awesome new blog design but it also has a new name. For a long time now I have been thinking about changing my blog name because I didn’t like it but I never knew to what. So when the beautiful Katie agreed to work with me on a new blog design I thought this would be the perfect time to change my blog name.

The reason I changed my name blog name was because I truly just didn’t like the name and people always kept confusing my name with tarin so I just thought it had to be done!

But seriously can we give some major props to Katie because she made my ugly old blog into something fabulous! Before my blog was just hideous and now it reflects who I am and I love that! She was so easy to work with and I really appreciate that she took the time to explain things to me because through the process she helped me learn a little about blog design! If you are looking for someone great to help with blog design make sure to check her out.

In honor of my fabulous new design this week will be GLAM week! Every post for the next week will have to do with little tricks i use to keep me life a little more glam. For all my local readers you know that’s kinda hard to do around here! So keep an eye out for my favorite glamtastic secrets! 

I hope u all have great day & stay Glamorous!! 


  1. The changes are beautiful, great work!


  2. I LOVE the new look!!!
    Hope you are well my love.

    McKenna Bleu

  3. Kiki!!! I love it! So pretty and great name change! I hope you're doing well.

  4. LOVING this new design! It's so clean and pretty!!!

  5. Hi Kiki,

    Thank you SO much for the shoutout! I'm so happy you like you new design. You were a pleasure to work with. Good luck to you and your new blog!

    Katie @ Lady Like


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