Sunday, April 28, 2013

& Then My Iphone Broke

Happy Monday!!
The weather was fabulous this weekend!! I enjoyed every minute of it!! Nothing beats feeling 76 degree weather after a LONG HARD WINTER! Dresses and pretty wedges where my best friend this weekend!!

Let me start by saying I knew this weekend was going to be bad when my iphone broke! To make it worse it broke for no reason at all! It just died and now it won’t turn back on! The last thing I want to do is spend an extra 200 on a new phone!! UHHHHHHH!!!!  I don’t know about you but my iphone is my lifeline to the world. So I felt so unconnected this weekend. No Instagram, No facebook updates and no stalking my blogger buddies.

With that came no pictures so these are the three I have from us working the event on Saturday!
Christa in her fabulous Bird Dress!

Tori looks fabulous in this nautical dress and great wedges!

& me! Don't judge me i was having a horrible styling dress! 

Sunday I went to church, and was lazy at home all day! In the evening I went on a walk with a friend and that was about it!!

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I hope you all have a fabulous week!!  

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  1. OMG! I thought you were avoiding me! I've texted you like 8,348,304 times..

    BTW you look adorable as usual!

    AND we need to set up a Skype date soon. If you have Skype?


    PS I'm a free woman all week. So let's set up a date!

  2. You look beautiful as always!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. The outfit aboves are so cute. Great blog!

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  4. Boo for your phone breaking! That is the WORST!!! Mine is my lifeline too....hope you are able to get it fixed or get a new one soon!!!

  5. what a bummer! your Iphone broke! omg I would suffer if I didn't have mine...I know what you mean

  6. Love your style girl! Cute dress and chic necklace!

  7. Loving your cute style!
    Lovely necklace:)
    Best, Zia

  8. so sorry your phone broke! thats the worst!

  9. Dont judge you!? GIRLLLLLLLLLL you're looking amazing in that dress! So confident! I actually like how you added a skinny belt to accent your waist. Perfect.


  10. I think you look so cute!

    I saw on Instagram that you got a new phone, so YAY! ;)

  11. Girl I have missed you & reading your blog so I'm getting caught up! :) I am so sorry to hear about your iPhone :( I don't know what I would do if mine broke, I'm the same way....always using it to keep up to date with the world and taking tons of pictures! I LOVE your outfit at the event you had. So cute...and that necklace is to die for! Beautiful as always!!!!


  12. Totally understand where you were going with the lifeline idea. Phones these days are more than just phones. They're basically your portal to the rest of the world that conveniently fits into your hand. Did you ever figure out what happened to it?


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