Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wine Women and Fashion Show!!

Hey there!!
First for and for most I want to start today’s post by saying that my prayers go out to all the families affect in by yesterday’s tragic affects in Boston! I honestly cannot believe everything that has been going on lately in this world but I can say that I am consistently praying!

I hate to go from tragic news to bragging about how I had a fabulous weekend but I said I would give you details on the fashion show today, so I kind of have to!!

On Saturday the boutique had our first ever fashion show, and let me tell you that It was fabulous!! If you guys don’t know I work at a boutique (HERE), and to say the least I love my job!! My boss has two stores.  One in Montevideo where I work and one in Alexandria! A salon in Alexandria (Salon Alexis) partnered up with our store to have our first annual Wine Women and Fashion event! Let’s just say in my opinion it was a HUGE success!

First off the event was at a gorgeous winery! As we all know women love wine! Then we gave normal women a chance for a fabulous free makeover and at the end we gave them the chance to strut their stuff on the runway! Events like this never happen where we live, so for us this was a big deal! I felt so official being able to help models get dressed behind the scenes making sure everything went smoothly! I don’t know if any of you have ever worked a fashion show but the feeling is great! Its intense but in a good way! I felt so professional being able to help the models change the outfit and mingle at the after party!  For this being the first time doing it everything went so well. Everyone loved everything about it and we SOOO plan on doing this again next year!! Here are some of the fabulous pictures the photographer took! 

one of my fabulous models that i helped getting dressed! 

Being sassy

My  model in her second outfit! 

This girl was born to model!! 

My rack of clothing for my models!

Group shot with there first outfits! 

When they all walked out

She was one of my models! her ombre was amazing! 

I loved working this event! i wish i had stuff like this going on ALL the time!! 
I hope you all have a fabulous day!! 

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  1. nice post :)
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  2. Love the pictures, cute outfits!

  3. wow thats so nice to be able to work behid the scene on a fashion show! thanks for sharing the experience

    Delightful Ideas

  4. This is awesome! I wish I could do something like this!

    You looked great! Love your outfit!

  5. Wowing looks like you had so much fun!! You did such a good job! Those ladies look great and so do you!! What a great event!!



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