Thursday, July 26, 2012

Glammed Girls Night Out?

Hey guys!

Ok so last night I was laying in bed thinking and BAAAAM and idea just hit me, Glammed Girls Night Out!  Yes this is just an idea but I wanted to run in by you guys to see if you were actually interested in it. If you are interested I can start planning it. Basically it would be an event for the women in the area (if you want to travel and addend it, even better) to come out to and have fun with other girls. If all goes as planned I would like it to consist of, make overs, a run way show featuring local boutiques and some shopping. I want it to be a fun event that we can all attend to get our glam on. I would of course be there to help you guy’s style items you buy and stuff like that.  Please comment below or email me if you guys would be interested in an event like this and stuff you would like to do at it. That way I can start planning it for you guys. If no one comments or emails me about it, I won’t be planning it just because I don’t want to invest my money into something people wouldn’t want to go to.

I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week.  Below is my outfit of the day! (:



  1. omg sounds like fun im all for it girl time i need it lol-anna s

  2. Would love too kiki (= Brandea


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