Friday, February 15, 2013

My New Man Louis

Hey Guys!!

I hope that you all had an amazing valentine’s day!! I had a wonderful valentine’s day! It was my first valentine’s day that I actually got to spend with my hubby in three years! The past two valentines he has been working out of state and we didn’t get to see each other! This year I was determined to have a wonderful Valentine ’s Day even though we both worked till late! I decided to get all dressed up and enjoy it. Since I didn’t go into work until one we had a fun & simple little lunch date! After that I headed to work and my co-workers (who were looking super cute and festive) had some amazing valentines waiting for me!  Let me state that I am so blessed two have these two lovely ladies in my life and I love them dearly!! We were pretty busy at work so they day flew by fast! I had this wonderful gentleman come in and buy such a cute and thoughtful gift for his lovely wife! He had all the ladies in the store impressed!! After work I headed home (I got out an hour before he did) and started up my romantic evening! Made a yummy supper, lit candles and got ready for my handsome hubby to come home!! While I was thinking that I was the only one with surprises (I did a special boudoir shoot for him) he happened to surprise me just as much!! I didn’t expect anything from him since he had already bought me my Louis Vuitton Damier Azur Bag as a Valentine ’s Day gift but he came home with the sweetest card and my favorite chocolates! He also wrote me the cutest song! I love my man!! No matter what we are going through he always know how to make me feel loved and cared for.  We all know how we finished the evening!!(;

My New Love Louis

HE wanted to be a COWBOYY!

One of my spreads from the shoot!! 

PS. I dont want to seem like i am bragging it’s just Yesterday was great and I'm so thankful for the wonderful people I have in my life & I just had to share!

What did you guys do? I hope that you had just as much fun as we did!!


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  1. wow what thoughtful gifts!!! I love seeing people in love and the best gifts are the ones you least expect..I'm glad vday was a hit! :) ps sexy photo work it girl!

  2. Muy bonito el bolso!

  3. Girl that is sexxayyy! Get it! I've always wanted to do one of those shoots but I don't know if I have the guts! Love your bag! You are so sweet and such a doll. Your man is a lucky duck!

  4. Love your bag!!! I'm your new follower from Italy, would you like to follow each other? Kisses, Lucy

  5. That is one gorgeous bag! He did so well on your gifts :)


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