Friday, October 19, 2012

High Five For Friday!

Today is Friday, Can I get an Amen! I’m so excited because I get the next two days off, I have been working a lot lately since my co-works is in china (her family is adopting the cutest baby boy named Judah) so I’m helping fill in her shifts. This week was actually pretty jammed pack but in a good way! Here are some of the things that I loved!

1.)    Blogging! For the past two weeks I have been contemplating how to take my blog to the next step. On Monday I found an amazing blogger that helped me a lot through this process Elise from " That's comma with a K"! She introduced me to Blog hops/Link-ups and boy am I In love. I love doing them not only because it gets me out there, but I have also found some fabulous blogs through doing them. I also started sponsoring some blogs which I’m excited about and I have like 20 new followers (thank you guys, you’re the best).

From My Grey Desk

1.)    Work! As cheesy as it sounds I felt like such a big girl this week, I worked almost every day (yeah buddy).  I work at a fabulous boutique and there are two of us that work here, we usually work every other day or we split shifts. Since she is china I have been working 10-5 almost every day and it makes me feel like such an adult.  As much as I hate get getting up in the morning, on the drive to work I feel like a professional! Plus it’s PAY DAY, and I have already bought a cute new vest!

1.)    Shopping, Duhhh! Ok confession time, I’m kinda of addicted to shopping I would shop everyday if I could but I would go bankrupt so I usually try to shop only a couple days a week . If I’m not at a mall shopping, I’m at the boutique shopping and on the days I don’t get to go to either you can find me online trying to buy everything I see on Pinterest.  If there was one thing that my hubby could change about me I’m sure it would be that! For the longest time he had like five pairs of pants and I had over 48, sad huh? But hey I need clothes I don’t like repeating outfits often, unless it’s for work cause I try to wear clothes from the boutique when I’m working.

1.)    Family time- so just last night I went over to my sister-in-laws after work and I got to hang out with some of my cute nephews and nieces. They all decided to dance to Gangnam Style ( I don’t understand one word that man is saying besides gangnam style). It was the funnies thing ever! This video cracks me up. They all think there professional dancers thanks to dancing X-box games! 

1.)    Ok and Lastly I need you advice! I found these great boots on Pinterest and I’m debating if I should buy them? I would be buying them online and that’s the only concern I have, just because they are Steve Maddens. I have a fat calf and so that makes me iffy about getting them. I know I can always return them if they don’t fit but I hate returning stuff, I rather have them sit in my closet and look pretty. So what do u guys think are they worth the risk!

I I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend!

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  1. Enjoy your days off! I love blog hops too they are the best way to meet new bloggers. Work can definitely give you a great sense of accomplishment and the pay check at the end of week really does make it all worth it :) Don't worry your not the only one with a shopping problem, I have a serious one haha I have an excel sheet that I use to keep track of how much I'm spending every month it's really helpful.

    Do the boots have measurements for the calf area on the site you buying them from? If they do I would just measure your leg and use that as a reference. I hate returning stuff too especially if I bought it online.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog following you here :)
    Beauty Flawed

  2. its okay to be addicting to shopping.:)

  3. Now that I'm a bit older, I actually love hanging out with my parents! Ha even on a Friday night sometimes, I'm a homebody.

  4. I'm grateful for those that have helped me with blogging as well!

    I'm looking forward to family time this weekend!!

  5. Hey girl!! :) That's so awesome you've been enjoying blogging and working this week. I think I would LOVE to work at a boutique!! And oh girl....I hear you about the shopping. I'm addicted too lol. Those boots are cute by the way! Love your blog!


  6. AMEN!!!
    Thanks for the sweet comment on my baseball nails:) And, I think I'm in need of those boots!!
    A Brunette Duet

  7. Yeah for Friday!

  8. Thank you for stopping by and your sweet words. Your blog is adorable :) I'm working on creating a link up with a bloggy friend very soon. I hope you'll join when it goes live.


  9. Thank the lord for Fridays!!! High 5 to that!

    I love your blog xx

    Laurie at
    Come Visit <3

  10. Thanks so much for following my blog and introducing yourself! I'm so excited to follow along with your blog. You have made a wonderful space here and I'm sure I'll see lots of growth on your blog in the near future :)




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