Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Blogger Crush!!!!

Today is the day!!! What day you ask? Girl blog crush day! I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite girls from the blog  world and why it is that I love them oh so much!!! So let’s start shall we?

Em- you are just the bestest!! I love everything about you; your style, your class. and your little bit of sass! You and john make such a adorable couple. Your blog is amazing! So simple yet its perfect! You’re such a sweet girl who is always willing to help someone out!! Your talent for making a wardrobe go a long way is incredible!! You make the same pieces look oh so different!  I Really truly wish you were closer so you could show me your tricks!! Your love for Christ makes me proud to be a loyal follower of your blog! Not to mention the blog post you wrote about being a Christian and being fashionable was the best thing in the whole wide world! I truly am so happy that I ran into your blog! Thank you for being fabulous!!

Megan- Girl your blog has it going on! Every time I need a good laugh or someone to keep it real with i turn to your blog! For example Naked Grandmas!! You are one gorgeous women and I can only imagine how many necks you break!! I love that I can share my crazy frustration about this crappy state with you!

Tara- Girl you got style!! I want every piece in your wardrobe! The way u style is amazing!!!! You truly have some serious talent! I love that you’re a red head. I might have a secret obsession with gingers! Every time I need style inspiration I turn to you!! so thank you!! Oh and Sadie might just be the cutest thing ever, just saying!!

Callie- I just love you!! You are such a sweetie! I’m so glad I got to be your carabox partner!! You are a true sweet southern lady!! You are near and dear to my heart!! PS so happy your kitty is back home!!!

Morgie-  She loves shopping!! Need I say more…I guess I should!  IF I had to describe her I would say she is….well honestly she gorgeous and loves to shop just as much as I do. She is super dedicated to her hubby and her school and she always has some great recipes up her sleeve!!!  I mean she is going to school to be a chef does it get any better than that! Plus she my same age and we are currently dyeing to be 21!!! 

Any who there you have it my top Five blogs!!!

Link up with the fabulous and gorgeous Erin and join the fun for Bloggers Crush day!! 

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  1. My hubs is going to be so thrilled he is famous on someone else's blog! Lol. You are too sweet girl! Thanks for featuring me!!

  2. I absolutely love following Emily's blog. She has amazing fashion sense and everything always goes together eprfectly!

  3. You are too much sweetness to handle! Thank you for showing me so much love, so consistently. You make blogging so much fun. I'm glad I have a fellow Minnesotan to commiserate with and its sounding like your bday celebration might be a total MUST! xoxo

  4. Ok you are just the sweetest! You absolutely made my day and appreciate your kind words so much!

  5. Thanks for sharing all these blogs! I've been looking to add to my reading list. :)
    I'm a new follower from the Find & Follow Blog Hop. I'd love it if you could stop by my blog as well. :)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Time to shine! Share your favorite post of the week at Friday Flash Blog Hop! (www.fridayflashblog.blogspot)

  7. so sweet of you to say such great words!! love you too sister!!!
    My Something New With You

  8. This is too sweet! I love Emily too!


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