Monday, March 4, 2013

Life is Great

Hey there sexayyy thang!!! How are ya?!
I seriously just had a fabulous weekend! Nothing out of the ordinary but it was great! Does that ever happen to you? It’s so nice when you just get to truly enjoy life! Life was been chaotic for me for that past couple months but it seems that it is finally falling right into place! Im just starting to feeling like me again! A lot of it was to do with the fact that I am learning to truly trust in god and depending more on him. But no matter what it is it is just great! I am enjoying every minute of it!!
This weekend was pretty laid back but still great!

Saturday! We stayed home most of the day because we had a triple “movie” date at my boss’s house!  In the evening we went over to christa and we has some amazing chicken stir fry and watched lord of the rings for the first time! I have never laughed so much in a movie! Yes I know it’s not a funny moving but we were just with good company and had a blast watching it!

Sunday we did the usual church in the morning and headed to Willmar after for lunch and some shopping! We had Chinese and did a little bit of shopping! I kind of was mostly looking for some workout shirts because I recently started doing the couch to 5k program and needed some running gear! I found three pastel colored long sleeve workout gear at JCPennys for 8 bucks a pop! I was so happy about this deal! Seriously jcpennys in getting in some cute stuff! Take note that we only have like 10 stores in our mall but still I have to say they are doing good. After that we got some caribou (mostly lemon poppy seed bread) and headed to target (the death of me)! Which they also have some great sales I bought two new skirts, a top and some makeup brushes!!  After that headed home and went for a much needed run! To be honest I hate running but love the feeling of accomplishment after! Makes me feel great!!  Anywho here are our weekend pics!!

Have a fabulous week!! 
P.S. There is going to be a giveaway next Monday so stay tuned!!!! 

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  1. I agree, I love having those relaxing weekends and not do anything. I love your pictures very very pretty.


  2. Your weekend sounds like mine, just kind of did whateer I wanted - watched movies, went for a run, relax relax relax!
    Love your outfit photo too, the purple skirt + the chambray + the yellow sandals = gorgeous

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  3. Love that plum skirt! Sounds like a fun weekend! :)

  4. one way i can tell that you really did have a great weekend is your use of exclamations! thats so awesome- i always love when everything just goes great!!

    you look really great in the outfit with the plum skirt!!! i wish i was gutsy enough to buy a skirt in that color (or any other for that matter!!) but you make it look so perfect and i love everything you styled with it!

  5. i randomly score at JCP too!! isn't it the best when you find what you need and the price is just right !

  6. Looks like an awesome weekend! Target is a major weakness of mine. I am there almost every other day!

    New follower from the GFC Hop...hope you have a great week!



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