Thursday, March 28, 2013

Hair Crisis!!

Hey There!

I know I talked about this last week but I am still stressing over my spring/­­summer color!! I am turning into a summer color pyscho! To make it worse I am hoping to get it done next tues or wed! I am always super concerned because

A.)    I have olive skin
B.)    My hair is a curly fro
C.)    My hair always turns copper!
D.)   I want it to look nice. I get criticized enough as is!!!

So right now this is what I narrowed it down to

What do u guys think? Yes, No, should I add more options?

If you like it what do u think will work best with my skin and hair!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!!

PS. I do not know why i have a white background going on???

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  1. I like 1 and 2 I feel like light in the summer is pretty and I think it would even look good curly

  2. We have the same hair ... I've been going bananas trying to find a new summery hair color! I LOVE Kate's!

  3. All of these looks would look FAB on you my dear! Can't wait to see the final look:)

    Have a Great Easter Weekend!!

  4. My hair is always so frizzy and wavy!! Your hair will look great in all of those colors but I think three is my favorite!! I love your blog!! You are gorgeous!

  5. I'm having the same problem my hair is a bit like number two at the moment and I cant decide whether to go darker or lighter!

    Life of Ally

  6. I think looking at them number three! xx


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