Monday, March 25, 2013

its Monday

Happy Monday!! Today I am going to be lazy and let the pictures to the talking because I was super busy all weekend!!  In a short summery thought my weekend was causally fun!! Enjoyed it but it was nothing out of the ordinary!! Shall we start?

Couldn't agree more!! 

He is so handsome!! 

Yummy Coldstone!

Fridays outfit!!

Made some yummy puertorican food on sunday evening

Breakfast sunday morning!! nutella french toast is our fave!!

Work Saturday!! I am loving all the bright colors
Found this fabulous skirt for ten dollars on Friday! 

I hope you guys all had a fabulous weekend!! Oh i am thinking about having a blog sale on clothes what do you guys think! i already have some of the stuff listed on facebook if interested you can check them out Here!

See you guys tmrw!!

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  1. Ah girl LOVE your outfits in this post!! That skirt is AMAZING-what an awesome deal!! :) Super cute girl!



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