Friday, March 15, 2013

Louis & Lace

Happy Friday!!
Today we are leaving to Des Moines early in the morning so I wanted to do a quick outfit post for you guys.  This is actually what I wore yesterday but, since my fabulous boss agreed to take some pics of me while I was at work, I had to jump all over it!! Can you believe i paid thirty dollars for this dress! (Similar Here)  In the summer I will probably wear this with fun tall patterned wedges but since it’s still chilly in Minnesota I had to winterize it. In order to winterize I just added some simple patterned tights with cognac boot and boom I was done!! To accessorize it added a turquoise bubble necklace, my Michael Kors watch and two fun stretchy bracelets!  My gold and turquoise bracelet my sister in law made for me as a gift for Christmas! I love how great it looks and the colors are just so fun!! IF you want to learn how to make them you can check it out here.!

 I hope you guys all have a fabulous weekend & stay safe during your St. Patty’s day celebrating! I can’t wait to hear all about it on Monday!! If you haven't already entered our giveaway make sure to do so Here!!

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  1. Cute! That dress is awesome.

  2. Ahh SO CUTE!!! LOVE those boots!


  3. This is ADORABLE! Love that dress!! White + turquoise is one of my favorite color combos. Have a great weekend, love! XOXO

  4. SUPER cute top!! Glad you added a link to a similar one. This is totally an outfit I would rock!

  5. Such a pretty dress! I can't wait to wear mine too!

    You look fabulous!

  6. You look beautiful!

  7. Ahhh!! So Jealous of your Louie!! It's gorgeous and I'm DYING to get one of my own! I have this same dress in navy BTW...great taste! :)


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