Friday, November 2, 2012

Birthday fun!

Hey there beauties!

Happy Fridayy! Just a fair warning I have a huge headache, I mean massive! So if what I am saying doesn’t make sense that is probably why! I have a busy weekend and hopefully I will remember to take A LOT of pictures to post for you on Monday! My husband is turning 22 tomorrow, so my weekend will be filled with everything being just about him! L For his Birthday he wanted a new Welding helmet so his spoiled ass, got one! I really shouldn’t say he’s spoiled because I’m the spoiled one in our relationship! But every once in a while I will splurge on him and get him what he wants with my own money! Yup that’s right most of the time when he ask me to get him something I use his money to buy it. Yes I am super stingy with my money and I don’t care! I mean he makes like 10 times what I make in a month, so why shouldn’t I use his own money! Any who this year I don’t have anything huge planned for him. Last year I tried to throw him a surprise party for his 21 birthday but since I suck at keeping surprises it didn’t really work out! He knew he was having a party after only one day of me planning it, epic fail! So this year I’m keeping it simple, we will probably do the usual and go out to eat with family & friends open presents and what not! After church on Sunday we will have a little get together for him and sing happy birthday! Nothing major, sorry babe! Next week we will be leaving town and celebrating our one year anniversary so I’ll make up for it then!

Let’s move on and talk about next weekend! Next weekend we will be in the cities (twin cities) for our one year! DO you guys have any suggestions on what we should do? I mean what do normal people do to celebrate there one year! I will probably force the hubby to go shopping with me but I really hope that I can be strong and resist shopping! I would love to have a fun romantic weekend! SO please shopping addiction leave me alone for just one weekend! I want to be able to enjoy our little getaway!

Any who I need to lay down because I’m going to pass out my head hurts so badly!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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