Friday, November 9, 2012


Hey There Sexay Thang!

Yes I Know that I haven’t posted in two days I have been as sick as a dog, and a female dog at that. I must be coming down with a cold and to top it off my wisdom teeth are growing in and I can barely chew without wanting to cry. It has not been my week. I don’t want to get dressed (you know it’s serious when I don’t want to get dressed) and my hair hasn’t been washed since Sunday, nasty I know. Don’t worry I have at least been showering every day. I’m just in a sick and in a slump I guess.

Thank the lord that it’s Friday and we are celebrating our anniversary this weekend. Hopefully I can shake off this cold and be in a wonderfully romantic mood all weekend. I can’t believe that it’s been one year next week of us being married. Its crazy how time flies. I feel like it was just yesterday we were saying I do.  I need some ideas one what to give for a first year anniversary gift! Since it was his birthday last weekend I got him everything he wanted for that & now I have absolutely no idea what to do. He’s a manly man so when it comes to presents I don’t know what to do. For his birthday I got him a new welding helmet which he has been wanting for a while and a bunch of tools that he asked for. I want to get him something that has meaning and he will appreciate.  Oh Lordy, I’m so not creative and I really wish I was.  Any idea ladies?

On another note! I’m so excited to start Cara Box This month! This month’s theme is childhood, WOOT WOOT.  If you have no idea what I am talking about click HERE for more info (you will be sad if you don’t check it out). I got my partner yesterday and she is the beautiful Callie at My Something New with you (Here). I’m so excited to get to know her and make her a great Cara box!

Well Happy Friday and I hope You all have a GREAT GLAMOROUS weekend!

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  1. So sorry you're not feeling well, hope you shake it soon. I just went to the dentist yesterday and have to get my wisdom teeth out soon. That will be know fun, I feel you're pain. Have a great weekend hun!

  2. Aww being sick sucks!! I hope that you have a wonderful weekend with your husband!


  3. kiki, feel better girl! happy anniversary! write him sweet love notes and hide them in different spots around the house! my husby loves that! haha so excited your my cara box partner! i have found you a few things already!!! : ) Loves & Hugs!!


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