Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Thanksgiving fashion!

Happy hump day!!

How are ya? I’m exhausted! Lately there is not a time in the day where I don’t want to be asleep. I can thank my wonderful Thyroid for that! Any who, today I am guest blogging at My Something New With You thanks to the wonderful Callie smith!  I decided to go a post about thanksgiving fashions if you are interested in reading it click (HERE). I highly recommend that you do not because I’m guest blogging but because Callie is a sweet and gorgeous girl and I love her blog. She is honestly such a genuine person and so fun. I am so thankful that I got her as a Cara Box Partner this month!

I hope you all have a fabulous thanksgiving weekend and eat your hearts out.  My eating will be cut short since my wonderful husband is one of those crazy black Friday shoppers!  Last year we waited in line for six hours for a big TV! The worst part was that after we waited in line there was no need to wait because there were more TVs then there were people who actually wanted them.  Wish me luck hopefully this year there will be no waiting in lines too early!

Have a wonderful day!!

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